Ultra Accelerated Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Study on Mechanochemical Reaction of Micro-Bubble Induced by Shock Wave


A Sonoelectrochemical Synthesis of Nanosized CdS on TiO2 Nanotube-Array for Enhancing Photoelectrochemical Reactivity

soot regeneration

IR imaging of soot regeneration on a planar diesel particulate filter


Micro-CSP Grid Integration

Sopogy’s MicroCSP

Commercial and Industrial Thermal Applications of MicroCSP


Functionalized Nanoporous Ceramic Sorbents for Removal of Mercury and Other Contaminants

Drinking water treatment with Caspian region natural sorbents

South Africa

A Generalized Model for Global Solar Radiation in South Africa Using Multiple Weather Elements as Predictors


Structure-property relationships in Pd/Polycarbonate based chemical sensors


Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries For Wireless Smart Designs

space exploration power generation

Johnson Space Center’s Solar and Wind-based Renewable Energy System

space heating

SolarSlim: the thinnest Solar Thermal Panel ever

specialty multiwalled

Specialty Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced Li-ion Battery Cathodes

specific capacitance

MWCNTs/metal oxide nanocomposite as potential material for supercapacitors application in acidic and neutral media

spent coffee grounds

High Quality Biodiesel from Spent Coffee Grounds

spent sulfite liquor

Valorization of by-product streams from the pulp and paper industry for succinic acid production

spent tea waste

Iron doped spent tea waste charcoal as potential adsorbent for treatment of electroplating industry waste water

spin coating

Effects of Spin Coating Catalysts on Micro-Fuel Cells Efficiency


Generating Hydrogen on Demand by Splitting Water with Al Rich Alloys

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