social media

The Clean Energy Landscape- Linking Cyberspace with Real World Impact

social value of materials

SUSTAINABLE steel production for the 2030s and beyond: the vision of the European Steel Technology Platform’s Strategic Research Agenda

social-interest green housing

Social-Interest Green House Design based in Rapid Product Realization Methodology – Case Study Solar Green House ITESM

sodium alginate

Removal of Heavy Metals From Aqueous Solutions with Calcium Alginate Beads

sodium boranate

NaBH4 in solidified aluminosilicate gel: a new hydrogen storage with interesting properties

sodium clusters

Sodium Clusters for a Superior Light Source

sodium-ion batteries

Electrochemical Characterization of Naxmo2 as Cathode Materials in Sodium Batteries


SOFC/ZEBRA® hybrid system

soft lithography

Simulation and Fabrication of Large Area 3D Nanostructures

soft nanomaterials

Self-Assembled Soft Nanomaterials from Renewable Resources

soft ware

Computer Simulation of Hydrogen Storage Materials


The utilization smart hydrogels and composites with controllable porosity in the preparation of metal nanocatalyst


Novel FD SOI Devices Structure for Low Standby Power Applications

sol gel

Comparative Analysis for Pseudoboehmite Obtainded by Sol Gel Using Green Chemistry Expert System Sofware


Solar Thermochemical Water-Splitting for H2 Generation Using Sol-Gel Derived Ferrite Nanomaterials

sol-gel combustion

Electrical conductivity studies of nanocrystalline Dy3+ doped SrMoO4 synthesised by sol-gel process

Electrical conductivity studies of nanocrystalline Dy3+ doped CaMoO4 synthesized by sol-gel process


Internet Based Inverter-Integrated Solar Power Meter System

The Influence of Rebates and Incentives on the Solar Industry; What Obstacles Remain for US National Adoption of Solar PV?

An “Atmospherically Healthy” Recipe for Carbon-Neutral Fuels: A synthetic fuel made from sunlight, CO2, and water

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