Pd/WO3-ZrO2 catalysts: synthesis, characterization and catalytic evaluation

n-p/n photoelectrode

Deposition of TiO2/Ni/CuO/ITO multi-layered cell for solar-driven water splitting


Characterization of Solar Grade Silicon Contaminants


Preparation and Characterization of Nafion/Microporous Titanosilicate Composite Membranes as Ion-Conducting Materials

Dynamics of Water in Nafion Fuel Cell Membranes: the Effects of

Determination of Pore Size Distribution of Nafion/Sulfated beta-Cyclodextrin

A Permselective Layered Silicate Modified by Acid-treatment and Its Use for Blocking of Methanol Crossover in DMFC

Enhanced fuel cell performance with modified Nafion® membranes


New Nanostructures as novel electrodes in Capacitive deionization desalination Technology

nano fillers

Large scale Eco-friendly Synthesis of Nanoparticulate Fillers for Corrosion Resistant Vinyl Coatings

nano insulation material

The High Performance Thermal Building Insulation Materials of Beyond Tomorrow - From Concept to Experimental Investigations

nano particles

Carbon Combustion Synthesis of Lithium Cobaltate

Synthesis of Carbon Supported Nano-Structured Ptni Electro-Catalysts for Fuel Cell

nano probe

Gold nanoparticle-based miniaturized NSET Probe for rapid and ultra-sensitive detection of toxic metals in soil, water and fish

nano structure

Nano hetero nuclear fuel structure

nano technology

Chemical Nano-Sensor Development and Characterization

nano-biomimetic electrophorus electricus device

An Electron-Relay Prototype Supercapacitor Mimics Electrophorus Electricus’s Reversible Membrane Potential for Multiple-organ Discharge


Polysilicon Nano-wires Based Nano-device on Silicon Chip: Fabrication and its Application


Monometallic nano-catalysts for the reduction of perchlorate in water


Potential artifacts when evaluating the ecotoxicological effects of nanomaterials

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