flow battery sea water sodium desalination energy vector

Seawater Flow Battery as Technology Platform

flow cytometry

Multiplexed immunoassays by flow cytometry for detection of Clenbuterol, Chloramphenicol and sulfadimidine with high sensitivity and selectivity

flower-like TiO2

Flower-like TiO2 Nanostructures: Synthesis,Characterization and Photocatalytic Properties

flue gas

Direct Injection of Flue Gas into Coal Seams for Carbon Storage and Methane Production


Integration of Flow Batteries into Electric Vehicles: Feasibility and the Future

fluid loss

Design and Application of Novel Nano Drilling Fluids to Mitigate Circulation Loss Problems during Oil Well Drilling Operations

fluid purification

Multi-Functional Carbon Nanotube Based Filtration Material

fluid shear

Innovative Cost-effective Pre-treatment for Desalination

fluid-film bearings

Process-Fluid-Lubricated Polycrystalline Diamond Bearings for application in Marine Hydrokinetic Machines

fluid-structure interaction

A New Computational Model for Fluid-Structure Interaction Phenomena in Wind-Turbine Blades

fluidic forces

Serpentine Fluidic Structures for Particle Separation

fluidic oscillator

Improving Water Management in Fuel Cell Flow Channels via Oscillation of Water Droplets

fluidized bed

Bifurcation Behavior of a Novel Auto-thermal Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Membrane Reformer


Low-Energy, Solventless Coating Processes

fly ash

Extracting unburnt coal from black coal fly ash

Sorption of Carbon Dioxide at High Temperatures by Slag

Concrete with reduced Portland Cement Clinker Content for Pavements and Transportation Structures

Alumina extraction from fly ash by the MgO sintering method: Waste reduction and utilization


A Study on the System Configuration for the Flywheel Energy Storage Device to be Applied to the Railway System


The SURVISMETER - a Green Technology in Service

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