carbon adsorbent

Advanced Materials and Process for CO2 Removal from Flue Gas

carbon aerogel -supported Pt

Carbon Aerogel -Supported Pt with Applications in Fuel-Cells

carbon capture

Direct Injection of Flue Gas into Coal Seams for Carbon Storage and Methane Production

Nanostructured Photocatalytic Approach to CO2 Conversion

Waste Flue Gas CO to Innovative Biofuel Production

Cleaning the Engine Exhaust without Precious Metal Catalysts

Pelletized silica and polyethyleneimine composites for CO2 capture via adsorption

carbon constraints

Demand Response: A “Green” Approach to Addressing Capacity-Transmission Constraints While Empowering Customers

carbon conversion

Nanostructured Photocatalytic Approach to CO2 Conversion

carbon dioxide

Energy-efficient electrochemical CO2 capture from the atmosphere

Sorption of Carbon Dioxide at High Temperatures by Slag

Technology Development for Large Scale Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to Useful Products

Conversion of carbon dioxide to methanol

Advanced Membrane Design for Improved Carbon Dioxide Capture

carbon emissions

Sustainable Energy Opportunities with the Geothermal Continuum

carbon emissions mitigation technology

Alkane Energy - Applied Carbon Mitigation Technology

carbon footprint

Concrete with reduced Portland Cement Clinker Content for Pavements and Transportation Structures

carbon footprinting

Life Cycle Assessment for Assessing Carbon Footprints of Water Supply System in Taiwan

carbon monoxide

Carbon-supported platinum and nickel nanoparticles for CO capture in hydrogen fuel cells

Gold nanoclusters for air purification applications

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