Zhang, Q-H

Direct hydrothermal synthesis of LiMn2O4 spinel and lithium ion selective adsorption

Zhang, Q.

Design of a POSS-modified Zeolite Structure and the Study of the Enhancement of Ammonia-nitrogen Removal from Drinking Water

CeF3 Fullerene-like Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Upconversion Properties and Application in Photocatalysis Reduction of CO2

Y2O3:Eu3+, Tb3+ sphere particles doped anti-reflection and wavelength conversion bifunctional films: Synthesis and application to solar cells

Zhang, Q.M.

Improvement of electric energy density in PVDF terpolymer nanocomposites and blends

Zhang, W.

Water Splitting for H2 Production using Visible-light-responsive Photocatalysts

Zhang, X.

A Portable Raman Sensor for the Rapid Identification of the Olive Oil

Pretreatment and Fractionation of Wheat Straw for Production of Fuel Ethanol and Value-added Co-products in a Biorefinery

Mobility of paramagnetic nanoparticles in porous media

Zhang, Y.

High lithium ion storage capacity of CO annealed titania nanotube arrays

Zhang, Yi

Direct Pulsed Laser Crystallization of Photoactive thin films at Room Temperature

Zhang, Z.

Alumina extraction from fly ash by the MgO sintering method: Waste reduction and utilization

Zhao, J.

Potential artifacts when evaluating the ecotoxicological effects of nanomaterials

Zhao, L.

Alumina extraction from fly ash by the MgO sintering method: Waste reduction and utilization

Zhao, Y.

Multiplexed immunoassays by flow cytometry for detection of Clenbuterol, Chloramphenicol and sulfadimidine with high sensitivity and selectivity

Zheng, H.

Effects of calcination conditions and Fe/Al molar ratio on structure and properties of mixed Fe/Al-PILCs

Zheng, Y.

Application of alumina-based nanogold catalysts in gas mask and CO2 laser

Zhi, Y.

Improvement of Biogas Production from Animal Manure via Bacteria Enrichment using CASCADE Technology

An Effective Way of Anaerobic Digestion of Chicken Manure with Plant Biomass

Zhou, B.

Nanoscaled Mg(OH)2 Used as Flame Retardant Additive

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