Yokochia, A.F.T.

Assessing damage to graphite electrodes in bromine redox flow battery systems

Yonei, Y.

Study on the Cathode Materials for Achieving IT-SOFC with Proton Conductor

Yonel-Gumruk, E.

Development of a hydroprocessing catalyst containing Boron and Nano-boron compounds

Yoo, H.

Characterization on Dioxin Emission of TiO2 Nanoparticle-Encapsulating Poly(vinyl chloride) (TEPVC) compared to conventional PVC

A Permselective Layered Silicate Modified by Acid-treatment and Its Use for Blocking of Methanol Crossover in DMFC

Yoo, J.H.

Bacterial Concentration Detection with Dielectrophoresis and Capacitive Measurement

Yoon, M.-J.

Nanocellulose and Their Thermoplastic Nanocomposites

Yoon, S.

The role of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide in efficiency of organic-quantum dot hybrid solar cell

You, H.

Design of a POSS-modified Zeolite Structure and the Study of the Enhancement of Ammonia-nitrogen Removal from Drinking Water

Yu, C.

Phase Stabilized and Enhanced PtCu3/C oxygen reduction electrocatalysts via Au galvanic displacement

Yu, C.H.

Nano-Engineering Of Magnetic Particles For Biocatalysis And Bioseparation

Yu, F.

Hydrocarbon production via biomass pyrolysis and hydrodeoxygenation

Yu, F.C.

Method of Liquid Inactivation by Supercritical Ozone

Yu, G.

Alumina extraction from fly ash by the MgO sintering method: Waste reduction and utilization

Yu, J-G

Lithium selective adsorption on low-dimensional TiO2 nanoribbons

Direct hydrothermal synthesis of LiMn2O4 spinel and lithium ion selective adsorption

Yu, J.

Clean Production of Bioplastic and Bio-oil from Solar Energy and Carbon Dioxide

Yu, L.L.

The Study of Surface Accumulated Silica Nanoparticles from “Weathered” Polymer Nanocomposites Using ICP-OES

Yu, S.H.

Synthesis of thermal interface material with high thermal conductivity for high efficacy of LED

Yun, H.

A Sonoelectrochemical Synthesis of Nanosized CdS on TiO2 Nanotube-Array for Enhancing Photoelectrochemical Reactivity

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