Schubert, T.J.S.

Novel Electrolytes for Supercapacitors

Ionic Liquids as Heat Transfer Medium

Schueneman, G.T.

Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites via Forest Derived Nanomaterials

Schüller, M.

Green Regional Aircraft – the European Clean Sky Program aims for greener Aeronautics

Schultz, R.

Improving Water Management in Fuel Cell Flow Channels via Oscillation of Water Droplets

Schulz, H.

The effect of promoters on reduction of Ru/ZrO2/Co/SiO2 catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis as studied by in situ XANES.

Schulz, N.

Novel Alcohol Based Diesel Fuels

Schulz, N.N.

Impact of Biomass Based Distributed Generation on Electric Grid

Schwartz, D.E.

Energy-efficient electrochemical CO2 capture from the atmosphere

Acoustic Power Recovery System for Thermoacoustic Cooling

Schwarz, R.A.

Sustainability in the Polymer Industry

Scott, K.

Multi-method analysis of multiwall carbon nanotube polymer nanocomposite after photodegradation

Scouten, C.G.

Novel Membrane Technology for Green Ethylene Production

Scullin, M.

$/W Costs of Thermoelectric Waste-Heat Recovery for Stationary Applications

Seegopaul, P.

Nanostructured perovskite-based oxidation catalysts for improved environmental emission control

Segre, C.U.

Rechargeable Nanofluid Electrodes for High Energy Density Flow Battery

Integration of Flow Batteries into Electric Vehicles: Feasibility and the Future

Sellers, K.

Nanomaterials down the drain: perception and reality

Selvakumar, P.

Experimental investigation of thermo physical properties of synthetic oil based nanofluids

Laminar convective heat transfer of Al2O3/thermic oil nanofluid in a plain tube

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