Saulters, O.

Integrating the Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability with Life Cycle Environmental Assessments for Military Non-Lethal Technologies

Savage, P.

Directly Coupled(r) Direct Current Microgrids

Savilov, S.V.

Novel supported catalytic materials based on multiwalls carbon nanotubes

Sayari, A.

Amine-Containing Nanoporous Materials for CO2 Removal

Sayes, C.M.

Life cycle considerations for engineered nanomaterials: A case study for nano-enabled coatings on drywall

Schaber M. Koch, K.

Ionic Liquids as Sorption Cooling Media

Scheibel, T.

Determining the environmental benefit of artificial spider silk products

Scheid, S.

Towards Nanoscaled Systems: New Dispersing Technologies

Scher, R.

The Dynaplane Design for Planing Motorboats

Schici, R.

Comparative Analysis of the Glendale Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lakeland, FL Using Bioaugmentation

Schmalzel, J.L.

Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Parity with PJM Generation

Schomborg, L.

Nanocrystalline NaBH4-enclathrated zeolite SOD: a model for the improvement of safeness and reactivity of boron hydride based hydrogen storage systems

NaBH4 in solidified aluminosilicate gel: a new hydrogen storage with interesting properties

Schubert, P.J.

Seawater Flow Battery as Technology Platform

Hydrogen Recharge Dynamics and Vessel Design for Porous Silicon Storage Media

Schubert, T.J.S.

Ionic Liquids as Heat Transfer Medium

Ionic Liquids as Sorption Cooling Media

Novel Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Ionic Liquids as Novel Dispersing Agents for Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Stabilization of Nanomaterials - Safe-to-Handle Dispersions

Ionic Liquids for CO2 capture

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