Sung, J.C.

Amorphous Diamond Solar Cells

Amorphous Diamond as a Thermionic Material

Sung, L.

The Study of Surface Accumulated Silica Nanoparticles from “Weathered” Polymer Nanocomposites Using ICP-OES

Sung, L.P.

Multi-method analysis of multiwall carbon nanotube polymer nanocomposite after photodegradation

Sung, M.

Amorphous Diamond Solar Cells

Amorphous Diamond as a Thermionic Material

Surapathi, A.

CNT-polyamide nanocomposite membranes for gas and water separations

Surawanvijit, S.

Analysis of Membrane Filtration Efficiency in Removal of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles from Aqueous Nanoparticle Suspension in the Presence of Coagulation Pretreatment

Suresh, S.

Experimental investigation of thermo physical properties of synthetic oil based nanofluids

Experimental investigations on thermo physical properties of AL2O3/DMAC nanofluid

Sutherland, S.

Large Scale Energy Storage with Thermal Matrix Energy Storage

Suzuki, A.

Multi-level Computational Chemistry Approach for Phase Change Behavior of Water induced by Laser Irradiation

Ultra Accelerated Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Study on Mechanochemical Reaction of Micro-Bubble Induced by Shock Wave

Svoboda, L.

Preparation of Photocatalytic Silicon Core-shell Nanoparticles Covered by ZnS Shell in Solid-Gas Reaction

Swanson, M.

Enviroquip Membrane Bioreactor Systems – Novel Wastewater Treatment Process for Enhanced Nutrient Removal

Sweeney, J.

Advanced Materials and Process for CO2 Removal from Flue Gas

Sweeten, J.M.

Reburning of Cattle Biomass with Coals for Emissions Control

Sweetwood, D.

UV Coatings Deliver Best Economic Value Statement

Swiatkiewicz, J.

Mesoporous TiO2 thin-film for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Applicationv

Syed, M.

Magneto-optic Response of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles under Pulsed and AC Fields

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