Shepard, P.H.

Novel Surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Shepard, S.

CIGS PV Power Enhancement from Photonic Crystal Fiber Concentrators

Quantum Dot Enhanced Rugate Filtering and Light Trapping

A New Class of Nonlinear Light Trapping for Photovoltaic Systems

Shepard , S.

Plasmonic Enhanced Light Trapping in a P3HT Photovoltaic

Shepard, S.

Periodic and Psuedo-Random Back-Reflector Nanoparticle Enhanced Light-Trapping in a Silicon Photovoltaic

Improved Nanophotonics Simulation Tools for Light-Trapping in Photovoltaics

Sherban, D.

Simple Low-CosSimple Low-Cost Technology of Silicon Solar Cells and PV Modules Fabrication

Shetty, K.

Design of a POSS-modified Zeolite Structure and the Study of the Enhancement of Ammonia-nitrogen Removal from Drinking Water

Shi, F.

Parallel Integrated Solar Cell Circuits for Split Solar Spectrum Light Source

Shi, T.

Au nanoparticles decorated hydrothermally processed rutile TiO2 nanorods for photoelectrochemical water splitting

Shi, W.

Copper Oxide–Cobalt Oxide Nanoscale Heterostructures for Photocatalysis

Shigeishi, M.

Recovery of High Quality Aggregate from Concrete Waste using Pulsed Power Technology

Shikha, S.

Growth of improved ultrathin pristine SnO2 films by electric field modified spray pyrolysis technique

Shin, D-R

Operation Characteristics of 1.3KW Class Anode-Supported Flat Tubular SOFC Stack

Shin, J.

Extraordinary Activity of Nanodispersed Bimetallic NiFe Phosphide Catalysts for the Conversion of a Biomass Model Compound

Shin, W.-H.

Ion Characteristics and Electrostatic Removal of Ultrafine Particles in High Temperature CO2 Enriched Conditions

Shinde, G.B.

Environmental CleanTechnology

Transesterification by Reactive distillation for characterisation and synthesis of Biodiesel

Innovative Process for Continuous Esterification of Cottonseed Oil for Synthesis of Biodiesel

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