Piseri, P.

Gas Sensor Arrays by Supersonic Cluster Beam Deposition

Pitera, J.W.

Computer modeling of water and salt transport in RO membrane active layers

Pittner, F.

Sensor for real-time monitoring of food degradation

Pla, F.

Immobilization of AgZnO photocatalyst in Poly(acrylic acid) matrix and their photocatalytic activity evaluation

Plana, D.

Carbon-supported platinum and nickel nanoparticles for CO capture in hydrogen fuel cells

Plourde, B.D.

Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines for Powering Cellular Communication Towers

Plum, M.

Process Modeling Results of Bio-Syntrolysis: Converting Biomass to Liquid Fuel with High Temperature Steam Electrolysis

Plum, M.M.

Economic Assessment of a Conceptual Biomass to Liquids Bio-Syntrolysis Plant

Poelking, C.

Novel Building Integrated Solar Concentrators

Poliakoff, M.

Advancements in the Supercritical Water Hydrothermal Synthesis (scWHS) of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

Pollock, J.

Advanced Coating for Energy Applications

Pont, J.

Full Fuel Cycle Assessment of Alternative Transportation Fuels in California

Ponta, F.L.

A New Computational Model for Fluid-Structure Interaction Phenomena in Wind-Turbine Blades

Poo-arporn, Y.

The effect of promoters on reduction of Ru/ZrO2/Co/SiO2 catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis as studied by in situ XANES.

Pop-Iliev, R.

Technical Analysis of a Dual-Fuel (Hydrogen and Gasoline) Extended Range Electric Vehicle for Component Selection and Design

Popa, M.

Photocatalytic Activity Assessment of Some Transition Metal Doped

Popa-Simil, I.L.

Supercapacitor like structure for micro-battery and radiation energy harvesting tile

Popa-Simil, L.

Nano-Hetero Structure for direct energy conversion

Nano-structures materials for Energy Direct Conversion and Fuel Breeding

Nano hetero nuclear fuel structure

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