Lei, T-F

Novel FD SOI Devices Structure for Low Standby Power Applications

Lei, Y.

Biosensor for heavy metals using hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorod/nanotube and metal-binding peptides

Leighty, B.

Low-cost Transmission, Storage, and Integration for Renewable-source Energy: Hydrogen and Ammonia C-free Fuel Systems with Underground Pipelines, Salt Caverns, and Liquid NH3 Tanks

Lemos, P.C.

Biodegradable polymers from whey

Leon, H.

Small Power Cells Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRS) - a New Type of “Green” Nuclear Energy

Plasma Torch Process for Hydrogen Production at Small Distributed Stations

Leopold, C.B.

FTC’s Regulation of Green Marketing Claims

Leow, S.W.

Luminescent Solar Concentrator windows for sustainable electricity generation over agricultural land

Lepage, M.

Characterization of Solar Grade Silicon Contaminants

Lernerc, M.M.

Assessing damage to graphite electrodes in bromine redox flow battery systems

Lester, E.

Advancements in the Supercritical Water Hydrothermal Synthesis (scWHS) of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

Letto, D.

Demand-Side Response from Industrial Loads

Leung, S.W.

Advanced Biofuel Cell Composed of Highly Modified Electrodes for Biomedical Applications

A New Biocomposite Electrode Sensor for the Detection of Oxidative Reactions

Levi, Y.

Hydrogen-Steel Compatibility Research at NIST-Boulder

Levine, R.

A Value Chain and Life Cycle Assessment Approach to Identify Technological Innovation Opportunities in Algae Biodiesel

Lew, C.

Catalytic Biomass Reforming for Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Production

Lewis, C.

Enviroquip Membrane Bioreactor Systems – Novel Wastewater Treatment Process for Enhanced Nutrient Removal

Lewis, H.P.

Low-Energy, Solventless Coating Processes

Li, A.

A hierarchical carbon nanofiber-In2S3 photocatalyst with well controlled nanostructures for highly efficient hydrogen production under visible light

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