John, G.

Self-Assembled Soft Nanomaterials from Renewable Resources

John, S.E.

High Quality Biodiesel from Spent Coffee Grounds

Johnson, A.C.

In-plane and through-plane electrochemical conductivity and fuel cell performance of thin-film YSZ electrolytes

Johnson, B.

Demand-Side Response from Industrial Loads

Johnson, D.W.

Computational Modeling of Ligands for Water Purification Nanocoatings

Johnson, J.

Biofuels: Boom or Bust?

Johnson, J.B.

Statistical Analysis of Electroplated Indium (III) Sulfide (In2S3) Films, a Potential Buffer Material for PV (Heterojucntion Solar Cells) Systems, using Organic Electrolytes

Johnson, J.K.

CNT-polyamide nanocomposite membranes for gas and water separations

Johnson, J.R.

Acoustic Power Recovery System for Thermoacoustic Cooling

Johnson, K.

Mobility of paramagnetic nanoparticles in porous media

Johnson, M.

Optimization of Phage-Based Magnetoelastic Biosensor Performance

Johnston, J.H.

Recovery of phosphate from surface waters using a calcium silicate composite material for potential application in environmental remediation

Jolliet, O.

Environmental Performance Assessment of Companies: Applying Life Cycle Assessment at the Enterprise Level

Jones, G.O.

Computational Studies on Mechanisms for the Organocatalytic Depolymerization of Poly(ethylene) Terephthalate

Joo, J.M.

Properties of nonpremixed ammonia-substituted hydrogen-air flames

Jos, A.A.

Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Cu-doped titanate nanotubes: photoluminescence and photocatalysis properties

Jou, C.-J.G.

Analysis the optimal damper angle for a furnace to reduce the energy cost and CO2 emission

Jou, J.G.

High-temperature Desulfurization with Nanosize ZnO

Jou, J.H.

Post-annealing effect of copper phthalocyanine on enhancing the performance of green organic light-emitting diode

Jouanneau, S.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries For Wireless Smart Designs

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