Han, B.

Ion Characteristics and Electrostatic Removal of Ultrafine Particles in High Temperature CO2 Enriched Conditions

Development of A Novel Electrostatic Precipitator Using Carbon fiber Unipolar Ionizers and Dielectric Collection Plates and Its Removal of Ultrafine Particles

Han, C.J.

Synthesis of thermal interface material with high thermal conductivity for high efficacy of LED

Han, H.W.

Microstructures and Electrochemical Properties of Rapidly-solidified Si-Mn-Cr alloys

Han, J.-I.

Synthesis of thermal interface material with high thermal conductivity for high efficacy of LED

Han, L.

Advanced Nanocomposite Materials Tailored to Solid-State Lighting Applications

Y2O3:Eu3+, Tb3+ sphere particles doped anti-reflection and wavelength conversion bifunctional films: Synthesis and application to solar cells

Haneef, M.D.

Modified Nanoclays: An Approach to Stabilizing Drilling Fluids Rheology at High Temperature

Hanh, P.H.

Use of different natural Extracts from Tropical plants as Green Inhibitors for Metals

Hannibal, T.

The Competitive Cost Position of Novel Thin Film Photovoltaic Module Technologies in High Temperature and Low Light Conditions

Hannum, L.

Aided Transport of Nano-Iron in Clay Soils Using Direct Electric Field

Hao, X.

Microkinetic Study of Oxygenate and Hydrocarbon Formation from Syngas on Rhodium and Cobalt Surfaces: Effect of Site Structure on Catalytic Cycles

Harada, Y.

Electrochemical Detection of Alcohol using Enzyme Sensor with Chromatography Paper and its Potential Application as halal Sensor

Harder-Heinz, D.

Integrated Photocatalytic and Microbial Degradation of Kraft Lignin

Hareland, G.

Design and Application of Novel Nano Drilling Fluids to Mitigate Circulation Loss Problems during Oil Well Drilling Operations

Haroon Sheikh, M.

Separation of Nanoparticles from Nanoparticle Enhanced Phase Change Material

Harper, S.

Innovative Technologies in Demand Response: Delivering Increased Value for Utilities, Grid Operators, and Electricity Consumers

Harris, J.M.

Computational Modeling of Ligands for Water Purification Nanocoatings

Harrison, N.

An Ab Initio Study of CuGaSe2 (001) Surface

Hartmann, J.F.

Nanoparticles Formed by Complexation of Poly-gamma-glutamic Acid with Lead Ions

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