Bansal, M.

Passive Solar Design of Buildings – a Case Study

Bansala, M.

Heavy Metal Removal from Aqueous Solution using Agricultural Waste

Bao, X.J.

Poly(2,5-benzimidazole) Based Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for High Temperature Fuel Cell Applications

Bär, K.

Ionic Liquids as Heat Transfer Medium

Barakat, N.A.M.

New Nanostructures as novel electrodes in Capacitive deionization desalination Technology

Barborini, E.

Gas Sensor Arrays by Supersonic Cluster Beam Deposition

Barlow, J.

Save Hawai‘i...Save the Planet

Barnela, M.

Synthesis, characterization and in vitro evaluation of cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activity of chitosan-metal nanocomposites

Barnham, K.W.J.

Novel Building Integrated Solar Concentrators

Barreiro, C.

Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Parity with PJM Generation

Barrera Villar, D.

Fiber Optic Sensors for High Temperature Monitoring

Barry, C.

Polymer Based Continuous Offset Printing

Basenuk, V.

Design and Manufacturing Concepts of Nanoparticle-reinforced Aerospace Materials

Basiuk, E.V.

Green Chemistry of Carbon Nanomaterials

Basiuk, V.A.

Green Chemistry of Carbon Nanomaterials

Baskaran, R.

3-Dimensional Carbon Nanotube-Graphene Structure for Flexible Li-ion Battery

Bassir, M.

Nanostructured perovskite-based oxidation catalysts for improved environmental emission control

Bates, S.C.

A System for Capturing CO2 from a Combustion Exhaust – Feasibility Research

Bathurst, S.P.

Thermal Stability of Nano-Structured Selective Emitters for Thermo Photovoltaic

Battacharyya, D.

Resistance and Potentiostatic Based Measurements of an Antibody Functionalized Conductive Polymer Coated Textile as a Biosensor

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