Almeida, A.T.

Large Scale Integration of Wind Power Generation

Alshahrani, T.

High open-circuit voltage bulk-heterojunction solar cells by using new dendritic acceptor material

AlShareef, M.R.

Fabrication of Infrared Energy Harvester Using Electrically Small Particles

Althoff, K.

Analysis of the US Fuel Ethanol Industry and Market Expectations

Altomare, L.

Development of Innovative Packaging Characterized by Active Thermal Insulation Properties

Altzibar, H.

Segregation of Binary Mixtures of Biomass Wastes in Clean Technology of Spouted Bed

Alvarez, R.

Polymer Coated Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles for High-gradient Magnetic Separation

Alvarez, S.

Operating Conditions of Binary Mixtures of Biomass Wastes in Spouted Bed Contactors for Using Energy

Segregation of Binary Mixtures of Biomass Wastes in Clean Technology of Spouted Bed

Alvarez Contreras, L.

Deposition and Characterization of Platinum Nanoparticles on Highly Orientated Pyrolytic Graphite

Alves, V.D.

Conversion of Glycerol-rich Product (GRP) into Biopolymers

Amar, V.S.

Hydrogen Generation from Thermochemical Water-Splitting Using Core Shell Ni-Ferrite/Y2O3 Nanoparticles

Ambler, M.

Green Remediation using Renewable Energy and Automation

Amert, A.

Rheological Optimization and Stability Study of Silver Nano-Ink for InkJet Printing of Solar Electrodes Using Industrial Printhead

Amic, S.

Energy-efficient electrochemical CO2 capture from the atmosphere

Amorim, L.V.

Application of Salts Free of Chlorine as Inhibitors of Clays in Aqueous Drilling Fluids

Amsey, S.W.R.

New Coating Technology to Inhibit Toxic, Black Mold Growth

Amuda, O.S.

Synthesis of nano-hydroxyapatite from a biogenic waste for the removal of manganese from wastewater

An, L.

Application of alumina-based nanogold catalysts in gas mask and CO2 laser

Anand, R.B.

Experimental investigations on thermo physical properties of AL2O3/DMAC nanofluid

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