Primary Industry: Electronics

Organization Type: Technology Development

36 Cameron Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States
Tel: 617-234-4448

Company Description:

Founded in 2008, MC10 is a technology company developing the next generation of electronics and energy systems through its Conformal Electronics Platform. Our platform enables the design and development of electronic circuits that are thin and conformal, and capable of being stretched, wrapped, and deformed continuously while maintaining their core function and high performance. The technology harnesses the electronic properties of traditional inorganic semiconductor materials and processing, and leverages the well-established semiconductor foundry infrastructure to keep development and manufacturing costs low. To obtain the unique mechanical properties of our highly elastic electronics, we combine thin inorganic circuits that are arrayed as islands on rubbery plastic substrates, with elastic metal interconnects between islands. The entire system is engineered to sustain large overall deformations while minimizing the strain on the active electronic islands. MC10's platform enhances and enables new applications by allowing high performance electronic and energy systems to occupy spaces and geometries not possible in their traditional, rigid form. Backed by an extensive patent portfolio secured through in-licensing and continued development, the company is developing products for consumer electronics, medical devices, and renewable energy.