Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product Company

3006 Bee Caves Road, Suite A-330
Austin, Texas
United States
Tel: (512) 782-8957

Company Description:

Solar Power Technologies Incorporated designs, manufactures and sells advanced power management and monitoring solutions, that maximize the energy production and improve the operations and maintenance of commercial and utility scale photovoltaic solar arrays. The unique adaptive DC-DC converter architecture in the SPTI power modules maintains each PV panel in an array at its maximum power point and intelligently converts and combines the energy harvested to eliminate the mismatching issues due to panel degradation, damage, shading, soiling, intermittent clouding and temperature effects. Commercial and utility scale arrays managed and monitored by SPTI technology will produce up to 20% more energy over their 20 year lifetime with reduced maintenance costs due to real time panel level array monitoring and diagnostics. The technology is designed to be fully compatible with the PV panels, inverters, wiring and monitoring solutions used in large scale arrays today and can be retrofit into existing solar sites as well as designed into new greenfield projects.