Calgary Division

Primary Industry: Other

Organization Type: Engineering/Design/Fab

Suite 420, 1414-8th Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
Tel: 403-571-1530

Company Description:

Questor Technology Inc is an international oil field service company that provides organizations with innovative and cost effective clean air solutions. Our proprietary incinerator technology specializes in the destruction of H2S, VOCs and BTEX gases ensuring compliance with various regional and federal regulatory bodies.

There are several benefits that we attach to our incineration technology including:

• Effective and safe disposal of waste gas streams

• Significantly reducing green house gases

• Providing our clients with operational savings

• Providing an opportunity for heat recovery

As incineration requires significantly less fuel to combust waste gas streams than traditional methods, operational savings can be recognized. Additionally, the absence of a visible flame, smoke and odor instills greater public confidence.

In addition to the mainstream North American markets, we have developed solutions for clients in Thailand, Indonesia, China and Europe and we are currently involved in projects in India, Africa and the Middle East. While Questor’s current client base is primarily in the oil and gas industry, our technology is applicable to other industries including tire recycling, agriculture, landfills and water and sewage treatment.

Questor’s development of a heat-recovery and power generation application will further provide our clients with solutions that are cost effective, environmental responsible and energy efficient.

In today’s environment of increasing regulations to protect air quality and address the public’s concerns relating to climate change and global warming, Questor’s product offerings are well positioned.