Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product Company

45 Frid Street Unit 10
Hamilton, Ontario

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Company Description:

"The Gridco product is a retrofit solution that improves the efficiency of HVAC rooftop units and boilers. The monitoring of thermostat call ¿on/off¿ requests for both heating and cooling, and the proprietary predictive analytics determines when to allow the calls to be sent to HVAC. The hardware and software is able to extract the latent heat and cold generated in the HVAC system that would normally account for greater temperature variability in a given area and excessive run time of the equipment during non peak demands. Energy savings of 15-20% are obtainable. The performance of the Gridco device and status of the associated HVAC unit is monitored wirelessly. The transmitted information can be used to validate energy savings claims and offers a proof source to customers for the potential energy efficiency that can be achieved in their buildings.