Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Non-Profit/Trade/Environmental Org

16280 SW Upper Boones Ferry Road
Portland, Oregon
United States
Tel: 503-968-7160

Company Description:

Earth Advantage Institute has a strong focus on research elements of building science and the appropriate application of applying sound building science principles to the field via outreach, training, and standards development. The results of EAI¬øs research are shared with all interested stakeholder groups without prejudice. Data and findings are shared with HUD, EPS, US DOE, ODOE, ETO, PUC, PDC, CEWO, CPW, OHCS, Enterprise, USGBC, RESNET, and BPI to name a few.

Our unique approach to supporting the development of high performance buildings has been to thoroughly map out the relevant chain of stakeholders in the built environment, thereby allowing for the development of the appropriate value proposition for each stakeholder group through a combination of study, development, outreach, piloting, and education. EAI¬øs efforts are crucial to implementing the region and state¬øs needs to integrate the built environment into the greenhouse gas mitigation solution. As part of the Oregon Governor¬øs climate change package of 2009, his administration relied in part on EAI to deliver on his promise for energy labeling, focus on energy efficient buildings, and GHG reduction. EAI and groups like it in this space are defining solutions, programs, and approaches to guide the building industry to offering high performing low carbon homes and buildings.

Aspects of EAI¬øs work include addressing the research and recommendation of codes, building science, green building standards, verification standards, building valuation, energy labeling and disclosure, carbon mitigation methodologies, and Life Cycle Assessment approaches.