Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: R&D/Lab

609 Deep Valley Drive, suite 200
Rolling Hills Estates, California
United States
Tel: 8665325125

Company Description:

NovaSpectra has a patent for a rather simple process for combinng five or six materials that react to the sull solar spectrum to reach over 50% efficient solar cells. The basis was proven thru a NASA SBIR. The technology hass been evaluated by Lockheed, Boeing, and other Aerospace companies and their assessment has resulted in their support to pursue other devleopment contracts together to increase hte maturity of the manufacturing. We are looking for a favorable US location to establish the manufacturing. Our technique uses 1cmx1cmx1cm micro concentractors with only 2mm x1mmx2mm semiconductor material. This allows over 100 watts per 1m panel with no heatsinks and no moveable tracking of the sun required. Its flexible and conformable to almost any shape. In additon, its very low cost at less than $50 per 100 watts. With a typical house requiring 3.2kw our basic cost would be less than $5k which includes inverters built into the device for out put of AC voltage/current or direct DC to charge batteris (Lithiom Polymer is our primary choice) but can be any battery. Our small conformable solar panel works indoors/ourdoors and is ideal to constantly charge cell phones, vido games, laptops etc. as well as simply snapping panels together to charge cars, lights, etc.