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Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States

Company Description:

Amy Perlmutter, Principal of Perlmutter Associates, has worked in the environmental field for close to 30 years, with the last fourteen focused on the intersection of environmental protection and economic development.

Amy has spent most of her career in the public sector, where she worked with businesses, other government leaders, NGOs and academic researchers to develop innovative programs that have garnered state and national awards.

She continues this leadership in her practice as an independent consultant, where she helps her clients communicate environmental opportunities and imperatives to broader audiences; works across sectors to build partnerships that identify new opportunities for policies and programs that are more environmentally sound; helps clients hire and evaluate employees; educates audiences on a range of topics; and uses her knowledge of the environmental sector to help those looking for work in this field find their niche. Amy works with other firms and specialists as needed to meet clients needs.

She is the lead consultant for the Clean Tech Initiative at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell (