Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Product/Technology Company

53, St. Finbarrs Road, Akoka-Yaba
Lagos. Nigeria
Tel: 8038315886

Company Description:

Hardensoft International Limited is a private technology firm offering consultancy and complete solutions in the fields of Information & Communications Technologies and Renewable Energy Technologies especially Grid-Scale Energy Generation.

Highlights of our product offerings include:


1. HospiServe - Complete Hospital Solutions Software

- HospiRec - Electronic Medical Records & Biostatistics Software

- HospiRad - Hospital Radiological Services Software

- HospiPharm - Hospital Pharmacy Software

- HospiLab - Hospital Laboratory Software

- e-Hospital - Health Video-Conferencing Solutions

2. EDCAMS - Electronic Documentary Correspondences And Approvals Management software

- Documentary Corresponces Imaging & Conversion

- Documentary Corresponces Control & Tracking

- Document Imaging

- Document Archivals

- Office E-Correspondences Solution

Renewable Energy (RE) Technologies

- WindMills

- Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Generation Solutions

- Airborne Wind Energy Generation Systems

- Hydo Generation Systems