Primary Industry: Energy

Organization Type: Consulting/Market Analysis

167 Cushing St.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States

Company Description:

Millville Partners offers marketing, strategy and facilitation services to companies that are part of the green economy. This means that we work with any business providing capital, goods or services that deliver both economic and environmental benefit.

What do we do?

We help people tell their company’s story to potential clients.

We help build and maintain client relationships.

We help our clients distinguish themselves from their competition.

We streamline business processes. If need be, we create them.

We demystify decision-making.

We form action plans.

We break down big projects into achievable tasks.

We bring clarity and perspective to complicated situations.

We ensure that messages are fully integrated into every facet of a business.

We help business owners clarify their long-term goals and create strategies to support them.