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Technical Proceedings of the 2011 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2011

Chapter 8:

Green Building & Construction

-Green Building a Step Toward Energy Conservation: An Overview
 M. Bansal
 Giani Zail Singh College of Engineering & Technology, Bathinda, Punjab, INDIA, IN
-Passive Solar Design of Buildings – a Case Study
 S. Kumar, M. Bansal
 GZS College of Engineering & Technology, IN
-Federal Sustainability Requirements and LEED NC & LEED EBOM
 J. Boggiano
 Everblue Training Institute, US
-Concrete with reduced Portland Cement Clinker Content for Pavements and Transportation Structures
 B. Stein, B. Kramer, R. Ryan
 Twining, Inc., US
-Inferring Knowledge from Building Monitoring Systems: the Case for Wireless Sensing in Residential Buildings
 E. Gaura, J. Brusey, R. Wilkins
 Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre, UK
-Does Zero Energy Pay Back in Hot Humid Climates?
 J. Hendricks, K. Upadhyaya
 Kirksey Architecture, US
-A Multivariate Analysis of Green Building Options
 P. Kung, V.C.P. Chen, A. Robinson
 University of Texas at Arlington, US
-Wireless Sensing for the Built Environment: Enabling Innovation Towards Greener, Healthier Homes
 E. Gaura, J. Brusey, R. Wilkins
 Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre, UK
-Rediscovering the Unlimited Energy Efficiency Potential of Buildings
 N. Mouli
 Maryland Energy Administration, US
-Next Gen Large Area Lighting: HIDs, Robotics and Energy Efficiency
 G. Davis
 Lumetric, US
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