Technical Proceedings of the 2010 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2010

Chapter 7: Water, Waste, Emissions & Remediation

B. Ersavas
Comucicnao, Inc, US
365 - 367
M2M, water convservation, energy efficient, sensors
While green is certainly considered good, applying advanced wireless technologies across the agriculture industry’s food chain is great. Bringing mature machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless communications to this broad industry – which includes growers, greenhouses, transporters and warehouses nationwide – promises energy savings and improved efficiency across all points in agricultural business processes. M2M can optimize the long path from the farm fields to the dinner table in the same way it has for the oil and gas and utilities vertical industries. It’s another solid example of harnessing mobile technologies for change that goes beyond the bottom line to saving the environment. Recognizing the need to advance this noble effort, industry icon software engineering services giant Partners 1993 has made a venture engineering investment in Kodalfa Ltd., currently based in Turkey. The deal created a U.S. unit of Kodalfa called ClimateMinder Inc., which is located in Los Angeles. And Partners took an equity stake in the entity. ClimateMinder provides growers early warning against frost and disease risks and puts an end to their costs to install wiring in their greenhouses or farm fields. Learn from the leaders, what this partnership means for the companies, the industry and the application of wireless M2M systems in general What you will learn: -How Partners 1993 is applying its vast resources to fuel Kodalfa’s greening of core agriculture industry processes; -How mobile technologies such as M2M can be applied to operational processes for huge gain; -How typically mesh architecture M2M approaches outperform traditional systems and solutions; -What promise Kodalfa’s climate monitoring systems hold for all segments of the agricultural industry; and -What resources Partners can bring to bear to advance similar wireless initiatives in other vertical industries.
Agriculture Industry Sees Green in Wireless Technologies