Technical Proceedings of the 2008 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008

Chapter 9: Environmental & Sensor Technologies

S.C. Bates, C.V. Kumar, S. Yavuzkurt, M. Duff, V.K. Mudhivarthi
Thoughtventions Unlimited LLC, US
608 - 611
global warming, CO2 capture
A catalytic, dispersed-particle gas absorber for the capture of CO2 from combustion exhausts is described. The technical problem is how to efficiently capture and remove CO2 from large volumes of flowing exhaust gas. Large numbers of evenly spaced, small particles falling through an exhaust gas stream are used to efficiently absorb CO2 from the gas. This technique allows large surface contact area for diffusion with small pressure drop. Critical issues addressed and discussed include particle recycling and distribution in the gas flow, catalyst effectiveness, process sensitivity to real conditions, installation, and the basic economics of the process. Work centers on the development of the particles, the particle dispersal and transport, quantification of absorption and catalysis processes, CO2 absorption experiments, and an engineering/economic analysis of the overall concept.
A System for Capturing CO2 from a Combustion Exhaust – Feasibility Research