Technical Proceedings of the 2008 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008

Chapter 9: Environmental & Sensor Technologies

D. Stanghelle, O.K. Sønju, J.E. Hustad
Norwegian Unicersity of Science and Technology, NO
604 - 607
granular filtration, surface filtration, cake filtration
Granular bed filters have shown high collecting efficiency for separating particles from flue gases at high temperatures. This paper presents the experimental results from laboratory investigations of a new louver design for the Panel Bed Filter. A filter unit has been built which uses filter trays and is designed for a volume flow of 1 m3/h (S.T.P.). Alumina spheres with a diameter of 662 m were used as the granular media. The unit has been tested using standard ISO 12103-1 particles with a diameter of 12.6 m with good results. The paper compares the performance of the filter tray design with the wishbone and L10-56 designs in addition to the performance of commercial bag house filters in terms of clean dust emissions, pressure loss and cleaning frequency.
Experimental investigation of a new granular filter design for gas cleaning