Technical Proceedings of the 2008 Clean Technology Conference and Trade Show

Clean Technology 2008

Chapter 6: Green Chemistry & Sustainable Industry Practices

J.D. Hensel, R.A. Schwarz, C.W. Grispin
Polyflow Corporation, US
363 - 366
polymer sustainability
Polyflow Corporation is commercializing a revolutionary process technology that will truly recycle mixed and dirty plastic and rubber trash into monomers and solvents. Polyflow cracks plastic and rubber waste as an alternative to crude oil and natural gas to make feedstock for engineering polymers, and can reduce the USA’s dependence on foreign oil by 3.5% (and up to 7%) when fully implemented. Polyflow will be the world wide process of choice for the disposal of plastic and rubber waste. Polyflow eliminates particulates and reduces by 70% the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the incineration of plastic and rubber waste. The patent-pending Polyflow process is now run in  ton batches. The quality of the product and utility of the feedstock has been proven using random mixes of scrap polymers. The Polyflow technology promises to be one of the most meaningful advances in the polymer industry in years. Its impact is far reaching.
Sustainability in the Polymer Industry