An Assessment of Renewable Hydrogen Costs, Infrastucture, and Resource Constraints

Protecting Green Technology and Green Brands: Strategies for Getting Your Eco-Patents and Eco-Marks Through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

SkyBuilt Power, Leader in Rapidly Deployable Renewable Power

wind characteristic

Wind characteristics of Algeria

wind energy

Wind Energy Potential Estimation in India

Wind Mechanical Engineering: Energy for Water Pumping in Rural Areas in Sudan

wind energy potential

Wind Energy Potential Estimation in India

wind farm

Analysis of a Onshore Wind Farm in India for Sustainable Development

wind power generation

A new strategy of using unstable offshore wind power by combination with pumped storage generation with reversible pump turbine

wind statistics

New Technique for Identifying Optimal Generating Units Parameters

wind turbine

Johnson Space Center’s Solar and Wind-based Renewable Energy System

Offshore Renewable Resources – Improving the Cost-of-Energy

wind turbine generator

New Technique for Identifying Optimal Generating Units Parameters

wind vertical axis

The case for Vertical Axis wind turbines

wind-turbine blades

A New Computational Model for Fluid-Structure Interaction Phenomena in Wind-Turbine Blades


SITumbra – Energy Efficient Structurally Integrated Transparent Shaded Façade System


Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries For Wireless Smart Designs

wireless power transfer

Wirelessly powered miniature wearable vital signs monitor

wireless sensor

Overview of Miniature Energy Harvesting Technologies

wireless sensor networks

Self-Sufficient Smart-Grid Sensor Nodes and Architecture

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