mathematical modelling

Theoretical modelling of nanofluids for heat transfer


Behaviour of mesoporous silica (MCM-41) supported catalysts in degradation reactions


Characterization of Solar Grade Silicon Contaminants

mechanical energy harvester

Increased Bandwidth of Mechanical Harvester

mechanical properties

High performance iPP based nanocomposite for food packaging application

Properties of Linear Low Density Polyethylene Reinforced with Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes by Cryogenic Ball-Milling

Novel Green Polymer Composites: Major Enhancements in the Crystallization Kinetics of Poly(lactic acid) and Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Created via Solid-State Shear Pulverization

mechanical strength

Design and Application of Novel Nano Drilling Fluids to Mitigate Circulation Loss Problems during Oil Well Drilling Operations


Large Scale Energy Storage with Thermal Matrix Energy Storage


Enhancement of photoelectrochemical and optical characteristics using a TiO2 nanoparticles interlayer in MEH-PPV heterojunction devices

melt spinning process

Microstructures and electrochemical properties of Si-Ni based alloys


Microstructures and Electrochemical Properties of Rapidly-solidified Si-Mn-Cr alloys


Recovery of Caustic Soda in Textile Mercerization by Combined Membrane Filtration

Novel Lithium Based Reserved Micro Power Cell Based on Micro Fluidic Design

Environmental CleanTechnology

Analysis of Membrane Filtration Efficiency in Removal of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles from Aqueous Nanoparticle Suspension in the Presence of Coagulation Pretreatment

Advanced RO Membrane Technology Based on Scientific Research for Seawater and Brackish water Desalination

Computer modeling of water and salt transport in RO membrane active layers

Hybrid Polymeric-Ceramic Nanostructured Materials

Nanofiltration: High Potential, Highly Misunderstood

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