Using Proton Exchange Membranes (PEMs) to Revolutionize Refrigeration


Thin film solar cell based on microcrystalline nanostructure silicon grown in low temperature condition


Technical Analysis of a Dual-Fuel (Hydrogen and Gasoline) Extended Range Electric Vehicle for Component Selection and Design

World’s First Hybrid Tug

hybrid composite materials

Enhancement of photoelectrochemical and optical characteristics using a TiO2 nanoparticles interlayer in MEH-PPV heterojunction devices

hybrid fuel cell turbine

Enhanced Efficiency Turbine

hybrid membrane

Electrochemical activities of hybrid nanocomposite membrane

hybrid power

SkyBuilt Power, Leader in Rapidly Deployable Renewable Power

hybrid PV-wind energy system

Development of the LabVIEW Monitoring System for the Hybrid PV-Wind Energy System

hybrid supercapacitor

Novel High Energy Density Supercapacitors

hybrid system

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell in the hybrid system – selection of the size and configuration

Synthesis of Novel Functionalized-Graphene/Quantum Dots Hybrid System for Solar Cells Application


Carbon Nanotube Interfaces for Single Molecular Level Bio Sensing


Novel Lithium Based Reserved Micro Power Cell Based on Micro Fluidic Design


Rapid Hydrate Formation, A Process for Transport and Storage of Natural Gas


Effect of Surface Hydration and Interfusion of Suspended Silica Nanoparticles on Heat Transfer

Utilization of ceramic wastes as pozzolanics materials


Chemical Nano-Sensor Development and Characterization


Differentiating electro-catalytic reaction of hydride with respect to a non-Pt catalyst morphology based on first-principles: extended surfaces versus nanoparticles


Development of Efficient, Compact and Environmentally Friendly Hydrocarbon Reformer for the Production of Pure Hydrogen

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