control engineering

Solar automated greenhouse


Secondary Use Energy Storage

convective heat transfer

Laminar convective heat transfer of Al2O3/thermic oil nanofluid in a plain tube


Nano-docking stations for synfuels catalysts on carbon nanotubes

BioGenerator – a Novel Bio-Technology for the Conversion of Hydrogen to Electricity

conversion efficiency

The Effects of Gamma Radiation on Silicon Solar Panels

coolant system

Improve of Photovoltaic Performance of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell by Concentrating Solar Energy


Acoustic Power Recovery System for Thermoacoustic Cooling

Technologies for Deep Reductions in Military Operational Energy Use

cooling tower

Water Conservation in Cooling Towers Using Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation

coordination polymer

Green and efficient hydroxylation of phenol using H2O2 catalyzed by coordination polymers


Study on non-Freon air cooling system using water refrigerant


Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Cu-doped titanate nanotubes: photoluminescence and photocatalysis properties

copper catalyst

New Catalytic system for Producing Pure Hydrogen -Water-gas-shift Reaction of Supported Copper Catalysts-

copper nanowires

Copper nanowires on Recycled Conducting Glass for DSSC Electrodes

copper phthalocyanine (CuPc)

Post-annealing effect of copper phthalocyanine on enhancing the performance of green organic light-emitting diode

copper U.S. growth

Market Evaluation for Energy Storage in the United States


Drinking water treatment with Caspian region natural sorbents


Hydrogen Generation from Thermochemical Water-Splitting Using Core Shell Ni-Ferrite/Y2O3 Nanoparticles

Preparation of Photocatalytic Silicon Core-shell Nanoparticles Covered by ZnS Shell in Solid-Gas Reaction

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