Kerr, J.

Enhanced fuel cell performance with modified NafionĀ® membranes

Khairatkar, M.

Location Based Environment Sensing and Information Report using Cognitive Radio for Smart Grid Security

Khan, M.I.

Utilization of Industrial Waste as a Composite Cementing Materials

Khan, M.N.

Iron doped spent tea waste charcoal as potential adsorbent for treatment of electroplating industry waste water

Khan, M.T.

Synthesis of Novel Functionalized-Graphene/Quantum Dots Hybrid System for Solar Cells Application

Khan, R.-A.

Antibiocorrosive Woods and Plastics Nanomaterials :Arsonium triiodides and Silicon Organic matrix

Khan, S.

Demand-Side Response from Industrial Loads

Khare, A.

Structure and Electrical Properties of Polypropylene-Graphite-Carbon black/ Nanotubes Hybrid Conducting Composites

Khatri, R.A.

Nano-docking stations for synfuels catalysts on carbon nanotubes

Kiani, A.

Optical absorption enhancement of thin-film amorphous silicon induced by femtosecond laser pulses for solar cell fabrication

Kikuchi, R.

Extraordinary Activity of Nanodispersed Bimetallic NiFe Phosphide Catalysts for the Conversion of a Biomass Model Compound

Kim, B.

A Study on Design Technologies and load analysis for Sustainable Army Barracks

Kim, C.

Surface plasmon polariton assisted organic solar cells

Kim, C.H.

Effect of Streamlined Design of High-speed Coach on Fuel Economy and Emission

Kim, D.W.

Characteristics of SCR catalysts for the oxidation of gaseous elemental mercury

Kim, D.Y.

Electrospun TiO2 nanofibers for gas sensing applications

Kim, H.

Thin film solar cell based on microcrystalline nanostructure silicon grown in low temperature condition

A Characteristic Analysis of Bio-ethanol produced on Fruit wastes for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell(DEFC)

Kim, H.-J.

Ion Characteristics and Electrostatic Removal of Ultrafine Particles in High Temperature CO2 Enriched Conditions

Kim, H.J.

Development of A Novel Electrostatic Precipitator Using Carbon fiber Unipolar Ionizers and Dielectric Collection Plates and Its Removal of Ultrafine Particles

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