Kim, S-G

High Temperature Nanostructures for Thermophotovoltaics

Kim, S.

Recovery of Caustic Soda in Textile Mercerization by Combined Membrane Filtration

Nanofiltration of Electrolyte Solutions by Sub-2nm Carbon Nanotube Membranes

A Controller Design for SEPIC in a Fuel Cell Battery

Analysis of low temperature effects on the performance of SEPIC in a fuel cell system

Kim, S.-G.

Thermal Stability of Nano-Structured Selective Emitters for Thermo Photovoltaic

Kim, S.H.

Characterization on Dioxin Emission of TiO2 Nanoparticle-Encapsulating Poly(vinyl chloride) (TEPVC) compared to conventional PVC

Quinaldine and Indole based pH Sensitive Colorimetric Chemosensor and their application of nanofiber

Kim, T-H.

Carbon Nanotube Interfaces for Single Molecular Level Bio Sensing

Kim, Y.

Combining solution processed and vacuum deposited layers in small molecule organic solar cell

Kim, Y.-G.

Advanced p- and n-Dopable Polymer Supercapacitors

Kim, Y.-J.

Ion Characteristics and Electrostatic Removal of Ultrafine Particles in High Temperature CO2 Enriched Conditions

Kim, Y.D.

Anodic aluminum oxide-based capacitive humidity sensor integrated with micro-heater

Kim, Y.J.

Development of A Novel Electrostatic Precipitator Using Carbon fiber Unipolar Ionizers and Dielectric Collection Plates and Its Removal of Ultrafine Particles

Kim, Y.S.

Synthesis of thermal interface material with high thermal conductivity for high efficacy of LED

Kim, Y.W.

Improve of Photovoltaic Performance of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell by Concentrating Solar Energy

Kimura, D.T.

Micro-CSP Grid Integration

Sopogy’s MicroCSP

Commercial and Industrial Thermal Applications of MicroCSP

Kimura, M.

Advanced RO Membrane Technology Based on Scientific Research for Seawater and Brackish water Desalination

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