By: Jennifer Rocha

New business model brings ICT to rooftop leasing for solar power generation

Story content courtesy of Fujitsu, JP

Fujitsu Limited and Leopalace21 Corporation today announced that they will begin a virtual solar power plant pilot project that puts ICT to use.

Based on project results, the two companies will endeavor to promote the spread of solar power generation, while working to ensure the project contributes to Fukushima Prefecture’s reconstruction.

Through the implementation of the “Verification Demonstration of a Virtual Solar Power Plant Using ICT,” the two companies will verify that this is an effective model for spreading solar power generation, and then will consider further business development.

Utilizing a rental business scheme developed by Leopalace21, the new business model comprising leased rooftops used as solar power plants will be developed and verified, with Fujitsu working to bring about a large-scale virtual power generation plant that ties together a disparate system of solar power generating sites.

The companies will also create a Web portal where power generation data from the solar power generation system deployed through this project can be viewed. It is hoped that the public disclosure of this information to local residents will help drive efforts to promote the spread of solar power generation.