ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2011

Showcasers with Primary Industry: Vehicle Energy Storage

Contour Energy Systems

Title / Name of Technology:Advanced Fluorine-based rechargeable battery system
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:This is a next-generation rechargeable technology looking to eliminate lithium from the system with a three to five-fold increase in energy density.

FastCAP Systems Corporation

Title / Name of Technology:Ultracapacitors
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:FastCAP SYSTEMS is developing nanotube-enhanced ultracapacitors that will greatly reduce the cost of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and grid-scale energy storage. FastCAP ultracapacitors approach the energy density of conventional batteries but do not similarly degrade.

MagiQ Technologies

Title / Name of Technology:Energy Storage Using Nanostructures
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:We propose to leverage the exceptional strengths of nanostructure-based materials (e.g. carbon nanotube yarns) to develop energy harvesting/storage architectures which will combine exceptional power density with unequaled shelf life, cycle life, and endurance.

Planar Energy Devices, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:High Energy Density Ceramic Lithium Batteries
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Planar has developed a process platform for depositing solid state, ceramic lithium materials that allows the formation of batteries with high specific energy and energy density. These batteries use nanoscale materials for greatly improved properties at much lower cost than current technology.

Plasma Kinetics Corporation

Title / Name of Technology:Laser Hydrides
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Plasma Kinetics is developing laser hydrides for safe, economical hydrogen storage without pressurization. Laser hydride technology employs nano-optics and plasmonics to store hydrogen in photonically active CD-like disks with an energy density, volume and weight comparable with 5000 psi tanks, but without the need for pressurization.

PolyPlus Battery Company

Title / Name of Technology:Rechargeable Lithium-Air Battery
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Development of rechargeable Li-Air batteries with energy densities of 1000 Wh/l and 600 Wh/kg would be a game-changer for electric vehicles and the portable power market. It would also provide a path to a dominant position for U.S. battery manufacturers for the first time since the introduction of Li-ion technology.

ReVolt Technology LLC

Title / Name of Technology:ZFAB (Zinc Flow Air Battery)
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:ZFAB is a new class of rechargeable battery system that combines key innovations from the fields of fuel cells and metal-air batteries to enable a number of disruptive inventions aimed at solving previous system limitations. ZFAB will combine fundamental breakthroughs in air-electrodes, zinc-electrodes and environmental management with new hybrid-flow battery-system architecture.

Robert Bosch LLC (Bosch)

Title / Name of Technology:Safe high energy lihtium-ion batteries
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Commercial lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology can achieve approximately 250 Wh/kg on a cell level. This low specific energy makes batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) too expensive for high market penetration. Other high-energy technologies like Li-air, Li-sulfur or zinc-air have inadequate energy density and/or cycle life. We aim to deliver lithium-ion cells with specific energies of 600 Wh/kg that achieve the requisite power, life, safety, and cost to enable mass EV adoption.

Savannah River National Laboratory

Title / Name of Technology:Batteries for Electrical Energy Storage in Transportation (BEEST)
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:This novel approach to lithium batteries for automotive applications solves the loss of energy storage capacity caused by the formation of dendritic species on the anode of typical lithium batteries. By encapsulating lithium particles in a novel porous wall glass microstructure, this approach inherently eliminates the formation of the dendritic species, while also limiting volume change on cycling and reducing the formation of unwanted byproducts which lead to loss of reversible capacity. These unique porous wall glass microstructures have been demonstrated for a variety of applications from energy storage to medicine.

Seeo, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Solid-state Electrolyte Lithium-ion Batteries
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Seeo's core technology innovation is its electrolyte: it is entirely solid state, with no flammable or volatile components. Seeo's proprietary electrolytes provide a platform for safe long-term cycling of high energy electrode couples, and utilize conventional materials and polymer processing techniques to significantly reduce Li-ion manufacturing costs.


Title / Name of Technology:High Energy Lithium-ion Battery System
Development Status (other):High energy anode at prototype, cathode and anode demonstrated individually, but not together
Brief Description of Technology:TIAX has developed an advanced lithium-ion based battery system architecture (cathode, anode and electrolyte) that significantly exceeds ARPA-E’s energy density performance targets for vehicle battery cells. The TIAX battery system enables use of a high-performance cathode that has not previously been feasible.

Vorbeck Materials Corp.

Title / Name of Technology:Vor-x Graphene for Battery Applications
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Graphene, a two-dimensional sheet of carbon, has unique mechanical and electrical properties offering advantages as a conductive additive for battery electrodes. Vorbeck is the leading producer of graphene (tradename: Vor-x), operating a multi-ton scale plant, and is currently the only company with EPA approval for commercial sale of graphene-based products.

Wildcat Discovery Technologies

Title / Name of Technology:High Throughput Discovery for Energy Storage Materials
Development Status (other):Wildcat has 30 development collaborations and internal discovery efforts underway
Brief Description of Technology:Wildcat's unique high throughput capabilities allow its scientists to develop new battery materials very, very fast and increase the opportunity for breakthrough discoveries.

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