ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2011

Showcasers with Primary Industry: Renewable Power

1366 Technologies

Title / Name of Technology:1366 Direct Wafer
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Solar PV silicon wafers manufactured for 1/3 the cost with 1/4 the steps.

Altaeros Energies

Title / Name of Technology:Altaeros Energies - Airborne Wind Turbine
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Altaeros is developing a buoyant shroud that lifts a lightweight, traditional wind turbine up to 600 meters in the air to harness much stronger winds. A conductive tether holds the system in place and sends low cost electricity down to an onshore or offshore ground station.

Atmocean, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Wave Energy Seawater Transmission (WEST)
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:Atmocean WEST uses wave energy to generate and transmit high pressure seawater long distances undersea, to shore-based desalination plants as well as to shore-based hydraulic power generators.

Bandgap Engineering, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:High Efficiency Silicon Nanowire Solar Cells
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Bandgap's silicon nanowire solar cells have high-absorption, and low-reflection even when the sun isn't directly overhead. This enables high efficiency thin silicon solar cells to produce cost-competitive electricity. Also, Bandgap is turning silicon into an intermediate bandgap material for >40% efficient cells.

Caitin, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Blown Windblade
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Caitin Inc. is developing a novel approach to wind turbine design using circulation control (CC) technology. CC technology has been implemented on fixed and rotary wing aircraft to improve lift and simplify system architecture. We are implementing CC technology in a wind turbine system to improve system performance and reliability, lower cost and reduce overall cost of energy.

FloDesign Wind Turbine

Title / Name of Technology:Breakthrough High Efficiency Shrouded Wind Turbine
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:High efficiency shrouded wind turbine able to deliver more energy per unit of swept area with benefits in the areas of noise reduction, safety, and distributed wind applications.

Flux Energy GS, LLC

Title / Name of Technology:Community Scale Solar Power Day and Night
Development Status:Ready to Market
Brief Description of Technology:Our SunDial technology incorporates innovative concepts for solar energy gathering and storage and heat rejection to provide high availability power with a dry cooling CSP / PV hybrid system that keeps a soft environmental footprint and automated inspection, targeting and cleaning.

Makani Power

Title / Name of Technology:Airborne Wind Turbine
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The Makani airborne wind turbine (AWT) converts wind energy into grid-quality, utility scale electricity using tethered, high-performance wings outfitted with turbines.

Oscilla Power, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Breakthrough electromagnetic solutions for wave power, directional drilling and wind power
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:OPI is developing an inherently robust and low cost platform technology that converts changes in mechanical load into electricity. Initial applications include a highly scalable, no-moving-parts wave energy harvester and an auxiliary power solution to improve the effectiveness of directional drilling.

Reliability Information Analysis Center

Title / Name of Technology:Small Hybrid Energy Systems
Development Status:Ready to Market
Brief Description of Technology:Small Hybrid Energy Systems are an Essential Component of Stabilizing DoD Installation Operating Costs and Increasing Security at Forward Deployed Facilities. Wind power is becoming more popular due to emerging state/federal incentive programs for small, distributed renewable energy systems.

SiWire Solar, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Wire-Array Solar Cells
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Wire-array solar cells combine the high efficiency (>18%) of crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cells with the flexibility of plastic. This combination will allow SiWire to offer ultrahigh specific power density solar cells. Additionally, wire-array solar cells will offer a cost structure competitive with thin-film solar cells (<$0.60/Wp).

Teledyne Scientific & Imaging

Title / Name of Technology:Optofluidic Solar Concentrators
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:Currently tracking of solar radiation in concentrated photovoltaic systems is provided by mechanical means with multiple moving parts, which raises reliability concerns. These systems are also bulky. This project will develop an electrowetting-based dynamic liquid prism to track both the daily and seasonal changes of the Sun’s orbit for concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) and reduce capital costs through increased operational efficiency by eliminating bulky mechanical tracking.

University of Maryland

Title / Name of Technology:Highly efficient photovoltaic energy conversion using surface acoustic waves in piezoelectric semiconductors
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:We present a radically new design for photovoltaic energy conversion using surface acoustic waves (SAWs) in piezoelectric semiconductors. The SAW separates electrons and holes and transports them with the speed of sound. This active design promises in a very high rate of photovoltaic energy conversion for solar applications.

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