ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2011

Showcasers with Primary Industry: Power Electronics

Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Low-Cost, Highly-Integrated Silicon Carbide (SiC) Multichip Power Modules (MCPMs) for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:A prototype PHEV plug-in charger utilizing SiC integrated gate drivers and 1200V MOSFETs will be developed. The project will culminate in testing a 5kW SiC PHEV battery charger on a modified Toyota vehicle, demonstrating a >10_ size and weight reduction over state-of-the-art systems with >94% efficiency, >5kW/kg, >100W/in3.

Case Western Reserve University

Title / Name of Technology:High-Power Capacitors for Power Electronics and Pulsed Energy
Development Status (other):Concept and Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:New compact energy storage device enabling higher power electronic devices for wide range of applications

Cree, Inc.

Primary Industry (other):Power Electronics for Grid Scale Power Conversion
Title / Name of Technology:15 kV/100 A SiC IGBT Power Modules For Grid Scale Power Conversion
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The program objective is to develop a 15 kV SiC IGBT technology that will be used to demonstrate a 100 kVA Transformerless Intelligent Power Substation (TIPS). SiC IGBT technology offers critical advantages for grid scale power conversion systems such as TIPs including a large improvement in efficiency up to 98%, replacement of a heavy (8000 lb) 60 Hz transformer by a much smaller (100 lb) 50 kHz transformer, as well as 50% reduction in power converter weight, size, and cooling requirements. This transformative SiC IGBT technology will enable TIPS and many other grid based applications.

CUNY Energy Institute

Primary Industry (other):Power Conversion
Title / Name of Technology:Metacapacitors
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:Nanoscale-engineered dielectrics are used to fabricate capacitors to offer improvements in power conversion technology. If successful, this project will result in a high power density, low loss technology platform for load management and power conversion. The technology can be used for > 100 V/ 1 kW handling/power management for applications such as low-cost, efficient inverters for solids state lighting.

Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC

Title / Name of Technology:Advanced Power Semiconductor and Packaging
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:This project will create a 600V Gallium-Nitride-on-Silicon (GaN-on-Si) device combined with sintered interconnects and double-sided cooling. If successful, this device will out perform existing IGBT devices by 3-5 times and enable a roadmap to reduce cost, size and energy losses by 50% for automotive applications within 5-7 years. The deliverable will be a GaN-on-Si based, electrically stable, packaged 600V depletion-mode HEMT power device with a second chip providing anti-parallel diode and normally-off behavior.

GE Global Research

Primary Industry (other):Power Conversion
Title / Name of Technology:Thick-film Nanomagnetics for Efficient Power Electronics
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:GE Global Research proposes to develop a thick-film magnetic technology to enable advanced core materials for a new generation of compact, efficient, low-cost power components for a wide range of applications. A scalable and economical physical vapor deposition process is proposed to develop nanostructured, millimeter-scale magnetic material. The target is a prototype power magnetic component with greater than 97% efficiency in a kilowatt-level application. GE and Dartmouth College will collaborate to advance from a technology concept to proof of concept component

GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Silicon Carbide Anode Switched Thyristors for Medium Voltage Power Conversion
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:This project will develop revolutionary new semiconductor technology that will allow efficient processing of Megawatts of electrical power with digital precision. These advanced high power electronic components enable precise reactive compensation, control, and tuning of all circuits, promising unprecedented increases in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of electricity infrastructure.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Title / Name of Technology:Dynamic Control of Grid Assets using Direct AC Converter Cells
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:Develop, build and test a direct AC converter using an Imputed DC Link (IDCL) converter building block to demonstrate operation in a Power Converter Augmented Transformer (PCAT) operating at 13kV, 1MW, 98% efficiency and 50 kHz effective frequency.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Primary Industry (other):ADEPT - energy conversion
Title / Name of Technology:MEMS-based highly laminated magnetic materials for switching converters
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:We are engineering highly laminated, metallic magnetic core materials with laminations in the submicron scale suitable for operation in switching converters in the MHz frequency range. These materials have higher saturation flux densities and operating temperatures than ferrite materials.

HRL Laboratories

Title / Name of Technology:Gallium-Nitride Power Electronics
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Gallium-Nitride power electronics offer 10X lower loss and 10X higher frequency than silicon at a competitive price. HRL's unique device design will result in >95% efficiency at 1MHz and >150W/in3 power density in a 10kW battery-to-grid charger designed for electric vehicles and for compatibility with the future grid.

Ideal Power Converters

Title / Name of Technology:Low Weight, Low Cost Commercial-Scale PV Inverter
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:IPC has patented and is developing a revolutionary electronic power converter topology. “IPC’s technology can disrupt several established billion dollar electronic power converter industries and make the USA the worldwide leader for this critical clean-energy industry,” states Dr. Hamid Toliyat, Director EMPE Lab at Texas A&M University.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Primary Industry (other):Agile Delivery of Electric Power Technology
Title / Name of Technology:Advanced Technologies for Integrated Power Electronics
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:Improves size, integration and performance of power electronics to reduce energy consumption. Focus on three elements that limit power electronics– semiconductor devices, magnetics, and circuits– and applies these advances to improve the interface between ac grid and loads. Focus on GaN power devices, nano-structured magnetics, and VHF power circuit architectures and controls. Application of miniaturization and integration of power electronics for high-efficiency solid-state lighting.

NthDegree Technologies Worldwide Inc

Primary Industry (other):Printed Semiconductors
Title / Name of Technology:Printed Semiconductors
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:Semiconductor devices (e.g. diodes, transistors,etc), the size of ink particles, are made using traditional methods in semiconductor foundries (fabs). A standard commercial printing press prints the inorganic semiconductor ink so that the specific semiconductor properties are transferred to paper or another substrate.

Solar Semiconductor, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:SmartBalance: Next Generation Solar Power Management
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:SmartBalance™ is a next-generation power management solution for large-scale solar photovoltaic systems and is based on a new type of resonant power converter. The technology balances power flow in series-connected strings of solar cells, enabling up to 25% higher energy capture, better reliability, and lower cost than competing solutions.

Teledyne Scientific Company

Primary Industry (other):Lighting Efficiency
Title / Name of Technology:Integrated Power Chip Converter for Solid State Lighting
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:This project is developing a highly efficient power supply on a chip that will directly impact the adoption of white Solid-State Lighting. Low loss devices and compact passive components are being developed. Using commercial display lighting as a platform, this project will enable ~71% energy savings in supermarket stores alone.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Title / Name of Technology:Energy Storage in Arrays of Synthetic Atoms (ASAs)
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Capacitors fail at high energy densities because of arcing. The energy density at which this occurs is large if the size of the capacitor is small. ASAs are flash drives where each cell is a nano capacitor shaped like an atom. ASA energy densities surpass chemical batteries. ASAs charge quickly.

University of Notre Dame

Primary Industry (other):Power electronics
Title / Name of Technology:Quilt Packaging: Ultrahigh Performance Chip-to-Chip Interconnect
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Notre Dame has developed a new method of interconnecting integrated circuits along their edges. This leads to wider bandwidth and less cost, size, weight and power.

Virginia Tech

Primary Industry (other):Power processing
Title / Name of Technology:Isolated Converter with Integrated Passives
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:A chip converter is being developed by Virginia Tech, University of Florida, and University of Texas at Dallas for power adapters. Integrated into the chip are the power transformer, the capacitors, and the power integrated circuit. The target efficiency and power density exceed 90% and 300 W/in^3.

Virginia Tech

Primary Industry (other):power electronics
Title / Name of Technology:Power Supplies on a Chip
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:This project aims to develop a proof-of-concept prototype power supply on chip (PSOC) using GaN devices operating at 5-10MHz. The target is to achieve a power density greater than 1000W/in3 with 88% efficiency. The proposed three-dimensional PSOC will be constructed using IR’s GaN devices and Si gate driver IC’s assembled on top of a 1 mm magnetic substrate using a high frequency soft magnetic FeNC flake nanocomposite (FeNc). Such a level of integration has never been attempted with a current greater than 5A. The proposed prototypes will extend the current to 20 - 40A at 12V input voltage, targeting such applications as computer, mobile electronics, and telecommunication.

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