ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2011

Showcasers with Primary Industry: Biomass Energy

Agrivida, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Crop processing traits for low cost production of fermentable sugars from cellulosic biomass.
Development Status (other):Commercial Development
Brief Description of Technology:Agrivida is advancing breakthrough technology by developing proprietary crops and processes that dramatically reduce the cost of producing renewable chemicals, fuels, and bioproducts from non-food cellulosic biomass. The company’s plant expressed enzyme technology provides an integrated solution for delivering low cost sugars that are essential for industrial bioproducts. Agrivida’s technologies significantly reduce enzyme and pretreatment costs for biomass hydrolysis, drastically reduce new enzyme production capacity, and create markets for cellulosic biomass.

Algaeventure Systems

Title / Name of Technology:Solid-Liquid Separation (SLS)
Development Status:Ready to Market
Brief Description of Technology:Algaventure Systems (AVS) is deploying Solid-Liquid Separation (SLS), a technology that achieves low-energy dewatering of solids in dilute solutions. Developed from HDD platform technology, SLS is capable of reducing solid separation costs by over 94%, AVS is positioned to make significant inroads into the $42 billion separation and filtration market.

American Science and Technology Corporation

Primary Industry (other):Manufacturing, Fuel cell / Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Thin Film Solar Cell, Power Scavenging systems
Title / Name of Technology:Integrated Mobile Bio-Refinery
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:AST has designed and manufactured a pilot scale bio-refinery that includes digestion, fermentation, separation, and pyrolysis systems to process forestry and agricultural wastes into biofuel and other valuable chemicals. AST has been working since 2005 with several universities nationwide to enable some of the required technologies.

Cascade Clean Energy, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Wastes to Bioenergy Using Computer Assisted Strain Construction
Development Status:Ready to Market
Brief Description of Technology:We developed a Computer Assisted Strain Construction technology (CASCADE) and used it to successfully achieve more efficient anaerobic digestion of biowastes and animal wastes. The technology was further applied to microbial fuel cells (MFCs) and algae-aided MFCs.

Ceres, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Dedicated Energy Crops for Bioenergy
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:Dedicated energy crops (sorghum, switchgrass, miscanthus) with increased yield and reduced input requirements to improve economics for biofuel and biopower applications. These improved feedstocks provide economic and environmental benefits and increase the displacement of fossil fuels.

Diversified Technologies, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Pre-Treatment of Algae for Oil Extraction
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:PEF Technology is a low cost, low energy process that applies high voltage electric pulses to an algal slurry, rupturing the algal cell walls, and increasing the availability of intracellular materials for downstream separation and extraction. The process is in-line, and scalable to high volumes.

Enventix, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:High-Efficiency Waste-to-Power at the Distributed Scale
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Enventix's "Enpresso" system purifies and enriches biomass or waste feedstock into 100% pure, clean-burning syngas for use in a gas turbine. Enpresso generates dispatchable, renewable energy from mixed waste at the site of municipal waste processing or concentrated waste generation.

Pilus Energy

Primary Industry (other):Waste to Value
Title / Name of Technology:Electrogenic Bioreactor (EBR)
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Pilus Energy is developing a bioreactor that harnesses genetically enhanced bacteria. The bioreactor harvests the electricity, biogases, and water from the bacterial metabolism of waste molecules.


Title / Name of Technology:Proterro, Inc.
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Proterro is a venture-backed start-up developing fermentation-ready sugar feedstock that will enable the economical and scalable production of biofuels. The company’s patent-pending innovation combines an engineered photosynthetic microorganism with an advanced high-density, modular solid-phase bioreactor to provide sucrose at significantly lower cost than sugarcane, corn or other energy crops.

RTI International

Title / Name of Technology:Catalytic Biocrude Production in a Novel Short Residence Time Reactor
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:The proposed technology uses multi-functional catalysts for controlling and optimizing biomass pyrolysis chemistry to produce a hydrocarbon-rich intermediate from lignocellulosic biomass that is fully fungible with the existing transportation fuel production and distribution infrastructure. This project will establish a solid foundation for subsequent technology transfer and commercialization.

Virginia Tech

Title / Name of Technology:Sugar fuel cell vehicle (sugar car)
Development Status:Concept
Brief Description of Technology:Based on available hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, we propose the use of sugar as a hydrogen carrier (14.8 mass H2%) plus on-board biotransformer. Therefore, a small fraction of the USA's biomass (e.g., 5-10%) would be enough to replace oil completely.

Xylofuel, LLC

Title / Name of Technology:Microorganisms to Convert Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide to Hydrocarbons
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Xylofuel has developed a process to select and use microorganisms for conversion of biomass or gases to desired products. For example, isolated microorganisms produce 1-butanol or hydrocarbons similar to components of gasoline directly from hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

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