ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2011

Showcasers with Development Status: Proven Manufacturability

ASU LightWorks

Primary Industry (other):Cyanobacteria, algae, and other biofuels
Title / Name of Technology:Liquid fuels from cyanobacteria and other biofuels
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:Biofuels with an emphasis on solar energy.

Ceres, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Dedicated Energy Crops for Bioenergy
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:Dedicated energy crops (sorghum, switchgrass, miscanthus) with increased yield and reduced input requirements to improve economics for biofuel and biopower applications. These improved feedstocks provide economic and environmental benefits and increase the displacement of fossil fuels.

FlexEnergy, LLC

Primary Industry (other):Dilute methane and other gases to emission free energy
Title / Name of Technology:Flex Powerstation
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:The Flex uniquely integrates a pressurized thermal oxidizer and a recuperated gas turbine. The oxidizer enables the system to operate at ultra low fuel concentrations (1.5% methane) and below 1 ppm emissions. It generates clean, renewable energy while eliminating a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.


Title / Name of Technology:Micron-Gap Thermal Photovoltaic's
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:MTPV, LLC creates semiconductor chips that covert heat directly into electricity. Much like a solar panel will convert sunlight into electricity, we are able to convert any source of heat into electricity with several significant advantages over existing solutions.

Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.

Primary Industry (other):Multiple energy impacting applications
Title / Name of Technology:Mass production of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) directly into yarns, non-woven sheets, and semi-finished products.
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:An automated process technology that continuously grows ultra-long nanotubes (up to 1 millimeter), and simultaneously fabricates them into either sheets or spun yarns with integrated, closed loop equipment. Further, the CNT sheets and yarns are fabricated into a broad array of intermediate products that have multiple energy impacting applications.

NthDegree Technologies Worldwide Inc

Primary Industry (other):Printed Semiconductors
Title / Name of Technology:Printed Semiconductors
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:Semiconductor devices (e.g. diodes, transistors,etc), the size of ink particles, are made using traditional methods in semiconductor foundries (fabs). A standard commercial printing press prints the inorganic semiconductor ink so that the specific semiconductor properties are transferred to paper or another substrate.

Solar Semiconductor, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:SmartBalance: Next Generation Solar Power Management
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:SmartBalanceā„¢ is a next-generation power management solution for large-scale solar photovoltaic systems and is based on a new type of resonant power converter. The technology balances power flow in series-connected strings of solar cells, enabling up to 25% higher energy capture, better reliability, and lower cost than competing solutions.

US Synthetic Bearings

Title / Name of Technology:Diamond bearings for use in renewable energy
Development Status:Proven Manufacturability
Brief Description of Technology:Diamond bearings capture thrust and radial loads between moving parts on surfaces made of synthetic diamond. They operate in severe environments and have proven economic where the cost of replacement is high. Applications in renewable energy include use in underwater power generation machines, wind machinery and geothermal fluid production pumps.

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