ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2011

Showcasers with Development Status: Prototype

1366 Technologies

Title / Name of Technology:1366 Direct Wafer
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Solar PV silicon wafers manufactured for 1/3 the cost with 1/4 the steps.

ADI Solar Corp

Title / Name of Technology:Gasoline production integrated with a continuous solar production facility and a high temperature hydrogen electrolyzer
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:A continuous solar thermal energy storage system, using calcium hydride as the storage medium, is integrated with a solid oxide co-electrolysis process, and a commercial methanol to gasoline process to provide electricity, gasoline, and grid stabilization.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES)
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:LAES is a transformational technology based on a cyclical process which uses excess energy to store air as a cryogenic liquid, which is then warmed to drive a turbine for on-peak power generation. The system’s small footprint enables grid-scale storage siting virtually anywhere on the grid.

Altaeros Energies

Title / Name of Technology:Altaeros Energies - Airborne Wind Turbine
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Altaeros is developing a buoyant shroud that lifts a lightweight, traditional wind turbine up to 600 meters in the air to harness much stronger winds. A conductive tether holds the system in place and sends low cost electricity down to an onshore or offshore ground station.

American Science and Technology Corporation

Primary Industry (other):Manufacturing, Fuel cell / Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Thin Film Solar Cell, Power Scavenging systems
Title / Name of Technology:Integrated Mobile Bio-Refinery
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:AST has designed and manufactured a pilot scale bio-refinery that includes digestion, fermentation, separation, and pyrolysis systems to process forestry and agricultural wastes into biofuel and other valuable chemicals. AST has been working since 2005 with several universities nationwide to enable some of the required technologies.

Appollo Wind Technologies

Title / Name of Technology:Isothermal Turbo-Compression
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Appollo Wind Technologies, LLC has developed a new approach to the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, substantially reducing the energy consumed for a given amount of cooling produced by implementing the Isothermal Turbo-Compressor, for conducting vapor compression substantially isothermally, and recovering latent work potential in the refrigerant by expanding it isentropically.

Arizona State University

Title / Name of Technology:Cyanobacteria Designed for Solar-Powered Highly Efficient Production of Biofuels
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:This project uses metabolic engineering to maximize fatty acid production and secretion in cyanobacteria while minimizing the energy diverted for growth by using physiologically competent stationary phase cultures. Efficient fatty acid production will be partnered with technologies that efficiently transform these fatty acids into liquid transportation fuels.

Bandgap Engineering, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:High Efficiency Silicon Nanowire Solar Cells
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Bandgap's silicon nanowire solar cells have high-absorption, and low-reflection even when the sun isn't directly overhead. This enables high efficiency thin silicon solar cells to produce cost-competitive electricity. Also, Bandgap is turning silicon into an intermediate bandgap material for >40% efficient cells.

Bio Architecture Lab, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Fermentative production of fuels and chemicals from Macroalgae using BAL proprietary microbes
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:BAL proprietary technology enables biofuels and renewable chemicals form scalable and sustainable biomass (Macroalgae).


Title / Name of Technology:Low-Cost, High-Energy Density Flywheel Storage Grid Demonstration
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:A combination of advanced fiber technology and superconducting bearings enables the development of a low-cost, extremely high energy-density, high-efficiency flywheel energy-storage system. The superconducting bearings enable high efficiency and high spin rates.

Caitin, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Blown Windblade
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Caitin Inc. is developing a novel approach to wind turbine design using circulation control (CC) technology. CC technology has been implemented on fixed and rotary wing aircraft to improve lift and simplify system architecture. We are implementing CC technology in a wind turbine system to improve system performance and reliability, lower cost and reduce overall cost of energy.

City College New York

Title / Name of Technology:Low-cost Grid-Scale Electrical Storage using a Flow-Assisted Rechargeable Zinc-Manganese Oxide Battery
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:We will report on CUNY’s latest findings based on our two-faceted development strategy: (i) to map out fundamental structure-property-performance relationships using a myriad of complementary analytical methods, characterization and thinking tools, and (ii) to decouple the characteristics of the manganese oxide (cathode) and flow-assisted zinc (anode) half-cells from one another before tackling the possibly more subtle interactions between the two electrodes in a full cell construction.

Codexis, Inc.

Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Codexis is using biotechnology in an effort to develop low-cost catalysts for efficient carbon capture. Enzymes throughout nature catalyze CO2 hydration, however these enzymes have been found to be unstable in carbon capture solvents. Codexis' Directed Evolution technology has allowed creation of low-cost industrial biocatalysts for chemical manufacturing. Recent work has shown promise in applying this technology to carbon capture. Codexis’ ARPA-funded program is designed to create biocatalysts that are highly active and long-lived in desirable carbon capture solvents.

Contour Energy Systems

Title / Name of Technology:Advanced Fluorine-based rechargeable battery system
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:This is a next-generation rechargeable technology looking to eliminate lithium from the system with a three to five-fold increase in energy density.

Cool Energy, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Low temperature Stirling engine
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Cool Energy is addressing a technology gap for heat to power conversion solutions at lower temperatures (100-300°C) for lower power applications (<100kW) through its demonstrated low temperature Stirling engine. Market opportunities include waste heat recovery, geothermal and biomass power generation, thermal cooling, and solar thermal heat-and-power for buildings.

Cree, Inc.

Primary Industry (other):Power Electronics for Grid Scale Power Conversion
Title / Name of Technology:15 kV/100 A SiC IGBT Power Modules For Grid Scale Power Conversion
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The program objective is to develop a 15 kV SiC IGBT technology that will be used to demonstrate a 100 kVA Transformerless Intelligent Power Substation (TIPS). SiC IGBT technology offers critical advantages for grid scale power conversion systems such as TIPs including a large improvement in efficiency up to 98%, replacement of a heavy (8000 lb) 60 Hz transformer by a much smaller (100 lb) 50 kHz transformer, as well as 50% reduction in power converter weight, size, and cooling requirements. This transformative SiC IGBT technology will enable TIPS and many other grid based applications.

Dais Analytic Corporation

Title / Name of Technology:Membrane-Based Dehumidifier
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:A nanotechnology membrane that preferentially transfers water at the molecular level allows adiabatic dehumidification of an airstream. The targeted COP ranges from 3.8 to 6.3, depending on external conditions, and no desiccants or refrigerants are required.

Diversified Technologies, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) Pre-Treatment of Algae for Oil Extraction
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:PEF Technology is a low cost, low energy process that applies high voltage electric pulses to an algal slurry, rupturing the algal cell walls, and increasing the availability of intracellular materials for downstream separation and extraction. The process is in-line, and scalable to high volumes.

EaglePicher Technologies, LLC

Title / Name of Technology:Sodium-Beta Batteries
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:EaglePicher Technologies is teaming with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to develop the next-generation sodium-beta batteries for the nation’s large-scale energy storage needs. The outcome will have direct impact on establishing U.S. leadership in stationary storage, and will demonstrate a competitive path to cost effective electrical energy storage.

Eltron Research & Development

Title / Name of Technology:Direct Loop Combustion
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Chemical looping process technology for burning co-fed solid fuels (coal or biomass) for power generation. Eltron’s process is comprised of carrier oxidation, direct contact of fuel with the oxidized carrier (and concomitant fuel combustion), adsorption of fuel-borne impurities onto the carrier, and capture of CO2 generated in the combustion process.

Enventix, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:High-Efficiency Waste-to-Power at the Distributed Scale
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Enventix's "Enpresso" system purifies and enriches biomass or waste feedstock into 100% pure, clean-burning syngas for use in a gas turbine. Enpresso generates dispatchable, renewable energy from mixed waste at the site of municipal waste processing or concentrated waste generation.

FastCAP Systems Corporation

Title / Name of Technology:Ultracapacitors
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:FastCAP SYSTEMS is developing nanotube-enhanced ultracapacitors that will greatly reduce the cost of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and grid-scale energy storage. FastCAP ultracapacitors approach the energy density of conventional batteries but do not similarly degrade.

FloDesign Wind Turbine

Title / Name of Technology:Breakthrough High Efficiency Shrouded Wind Turbine
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:High efficiency shrouded wind turbine able to deliver more energy per unit of swept area with benefits in the areas of noise reduction, safety, and distributed wind applications.

Florida International University

Primary Industry (other):Gas cycle A/C systems
Title / Name of Technology:A Novel Compact Gas-Cycle A/C System with integrated Compression, Gas Cooling, Expansion, and Heat-Pipe Cooler
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The development of a gas cycle air conditioning (AC) system will be presented. This is a prototype that uses gases as refrigerants without causing global warming and based on a rotary engine structure. The project focuses on carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) as viable alternatives to synthetic refrigerants.

General Atomics

Title / Name of Technology:Soluble Lead Flow Battery Technology
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:A soluble lead flow battery design where the active lead material is dissolved into methanesulfonic acid, which allows for the use of a single electrolyte and eliminates the need for the separator or membrane material, greatly simplifying system design and cost.

GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Silicon Carbide Anode Switched Thyristors for Medium Voltage Power Conversion
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:This project will develop revolutionary new semiconductor technology that will allow efficient processing of Megawatts of electrical power with digital precision. These advanced high power electronic components enable precise reactive compensation, control, and tuning of all circuits, promising unprecedented increases in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of electricity infrastructure.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Title / Name of Technology:Modular Thermal Hub for Building Cooling, Heating and Water Heating
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:A thermally activated hub for modular, scalable cooling and heating in buildings that can run on gas, low-grade waste heat or solar energy is being developed. Microscale geometries enable several-fold reductions in size. The miniaturized systems can be packaged as a monolithic system, or as discrete, distributed components. Space cooling and heating, coupled with water heating, can yield primary energy use reductions in buildings of 50%. A 3.5 kW cooling monolithic unit will be demonstrated.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Primary Industry (other):ADEPT - energy conversion
Title / Name of Technology:MEMS-based highly laminated magnetic materials for switching converters
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:We are engineering highly laminated, metallic magnetic core materials with laminations in the submicron scale suitable for operation in switching converters in the MHz frequency range. These materials have higher saturation flux densities and operating temperatures than ferrite materials.

Howell Cooling Technologies, LLC

Title / Name of Technology:Cool Pump
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Air conditioning and refrigeration effect that uses no refrigerant gases or water evaporation

HRL Laboratories

Title / Name of Technology:Gallium-Nitride Power Electronics
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Gallium-Nitride power electronics offer 10X lower loss and 10X higher frequency than silicon at a competitive price. HRL's unique device design will result in >95% efficiency at 1MHz and >150W/in3 power density in a 10kW battery-to-grid charger designed for electric vehicles and for compatibility with the future grid.

Ideal Power Converters

Title / Name of Technology:Low Weight, Low Cost Commercial-Scale PV Inverter
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:IPC has patented and is developing a revolutionary electronic power converter topology. “IPC’s technology can disrupt several established billion dollar electronic power converter industries and make the USA the worldwide leader for this critical clean-energy industry,” states Dr. Hamid Toliyat, Director EMPE Lab at Texas A&M University.

ITN Energy Systems

Title / Name of Technology:Low-Cost Electrochomic Film on Plastic for Net-Zero Energy Building
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:ITN is developing an all solid-state EC film on plastic substrates in order to reduce EC window cost in support of net-zero energy buildings. Using intelligent, sensor-based process controls to achieve high yield in large volume, roll-to-roll manufacturing, ITN will transition its prototype flexible EC technology into a viable, roll-to-roll manufacturing capability to capture the emerging EC window market opportunity.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Title / Name of Technology:High-Throughput Discovery of Robust Metal-Organic Frameworks for CO2 Capture
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:New high-throughput synthesis and screening technology is developed and employed in generating robust metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for the efficient capture of CO2 from flue gas. MOFs represent a new class of porous materials holding great promise as solid sorbents capable of selectively binding CO2 with a minimal energy penalty for regeneration.

Liquid Light, Inc

Primary Industry (other):Carbon dioxide conversion and utilization
Title / Name of Technology:Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Fuels and Chemicals
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Liquid Light, Inc is developing catalysts that allow for the efficient conversion of carbon dioxide to fuels and chemicals. Our technology will enhance energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by allowing carbon dioxide to be utilized.

LiquidPiston, Inc.

Primary Industry (other):Power applications in the 20 HP - 500 HP range
Title / Name of Technology:High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle Engine
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The company is developing high efficiency engines, based on a novel transformative thermodynamic cycle, and novel control algorithms. The cycle achieves high compression, constant-volume combustion, and over-expansion, resulting in 30% higher efficiency than Diesel engines. The control algorithm achieves >50% efficiency at part load.

Lithos Biofuels

Title / Name of Technology:Lithotrophic Biofuels
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Our objective is to make sugar for the subsequent use for fermentation to biofuels. The process uses an enzymatic pathway found in a deep-sea microbe to make sugar using cheap and abundant raw materials as feedstock.

Machflow Energy, Inc.

Primary Industry (other):Thermal Management
Title / Name of Technology:Bernoulli cooling system
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:We are developing heat transfer and cooling technologies to revolutionize air conditioning and related applications. Our Bernoulli Effect based heat pump uses a refrigerant with no global warming potential, no effect on the ozone layer, and that is nontoxic. Our technology can be applied from the scale of biochips up to buildings.

Makani Power

Title / Name of Technology:Airborne Wind Turbine
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The Makani airborne wind turbine (AWT) converts wind energy into grid-quality, utility scale electricity using tethered, high-performance wings outfitted with turbines.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Title / Name of Technology:Bioprocess and microbe Engineering for Total Carbon Utilization in Biofuel Production
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Combined anaerobic and aerobic oil production system from CO/CO2 and hydrogen, or electrons from a Bioelectrochemical System, for the production of biodiesel.

Michigan State University

Primary Industry (other):Renewable Power, Power Generation
Title / Name of Technology:Wave Disk Generator
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The wave disk engine is a new shock wave combustion engine with energy efficiency potential far above today's engines. It is easy to manufacture, less expensive, and can significantly reduce the weight of automobiles. It has one rotating part: the wave disk. It utilizes internally confined combustion and shock wave energy transfer. In serial hybrid vehicles it can potentially improve the fuel to road efficiency by >5x at same driving comfort, 500+ mile range, up to 90% reduction in emissions.

Nalco Company

Title / Name of Technology:Energy Efficient Capture of CO2 from Coal Flue Gas
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:CO2 Resin Wafer Electrodeionization (CO2_RW-EDI) is an electrochemically driven platform to capture CO2 from flue gas. The process leverages an elegant design that switches pH in the process stream. The result is a method to capture CO2 from flue gas and desorb it without heating, vacuum, or consumptive chemical usage.

Ohio State University

Title / Name of Technology:Pilot Scale Testing of the Carbon Negative, Product-flexible Syngas Chemical Looping Process
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The Syngas Chemical Looping (SCL) process can efficiently convert carbonaceous fuels such as coal and biomass into electricity, hydrogen, and/or liquid fuel with zero or negative net CO2 emission.

Oscilla Power, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Breakthrough electromagnetic solutions for wave power, directional drilling and wind power
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:OPI is developing an inherently robust and low cost platform technology that converts changes in mechanical load into electricity. Initial applications include a highly scalable, no-moving-parts wave energy harvester and an auxiliary power solution to improve the effectiveness of directional drilling.

Penn State University

Primary Industry (other):Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Title / Name of Technology:Thermoacoustics
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Thermoacoustics is the use of high-amplitude sound to produce efficient cooling without refrigerants that are global-warming gases.

Pilus Energy

Primary Industry (other):Waste to Value
Title / Name of Technology:Electrogenic Bioreactor (EBR)
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Pilus Energy is developing a bioreactor that harnesses genetically enhanced bacteria. The bioreactor harvests the electricity, biogases, and water from the bacterial metabolism of waste molecules.

Planar Energy Devices, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:High Energy Density Ceramic Lithium Batteries
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Planar has developed a process platform for depositing solid state, ceramic lithium materials that allows the formation of batteries with high specific energy and energy density. These batteries use nanoscale materials for greatly improved properties at much lower cost than current technology.

Plasma Kinetics Corporation

Title / Name of Technology:Laser Hydrides
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Plasma Kinetics is developing laser hydrides for safe, economical hydrogen storage without pressurization. Laser hydride technology employs nano-optics and plasmonics to store hydrogen in photonically active CD-like disks with an energy density, volume and weight comparable with 5000 psi tanks, but without the need for pressurization.

PolyPlus Battery Company

Title / Name of Technology:Rechargeable Lithium-Air Battery
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Development of rechargeable Li-Air batteries with energy densities of 1000 Wh/l and 600 Wh/kg would be a game-changer for electric vehicles and the portable power market. It would also provide a path to a dominant position for U.S. battery manufacturers for the first time since the introduction of Li-ion technology.


Title / Name of Technology:Proterro, Inc.
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Proterro is a venture-backed start-up developing fermentation-ready sugar feedstock that will enable the economical and scalable production of biofuels. The company’s patent-pending innovation combines an engineered photosynthetic microorganism with an advanced high-density, modular solid-phase bioreactor to provide sucrose at significantly lower cost than sugarcane, corn or other energy crops.

QM Power, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Parallel Path Magnetic Technology
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Parallel Path Magnetic Technology (PPMT™) is a breakthrough technology that uses permanent magnets in a novel yet simple design that can substantially reduce cost, size and weight, improve efficiency and eliminate rare earth magnet materials for almost any electromechanical application including electric motors, generators and actuators.

ReVolt Technology LLC

Title / Name of Technology:ZFAB (Zinc Flow Air Battery)
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:ZFAB is a new class of rechargeable battery system that combines key innovations from the fields of fuel cells and metal-air batteries to enable a number of disruptive inventions aimed at solving previous system limitations. ZFAB will combine fundamental breakthroughs in air-electrodes, zinc-electrodes and environmental management with new hybrid-flow battery-system architecture.

Robert Bosch LLC (Bosch)

Title / Name of Technology:Safe high energy lihtium-ion batteries
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Commercial lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology can achieve approximately 250 Wh/kg on a cell level. This low specific energy makes batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) too expensive for high market penetration. Other high-energy technologies like Li-air, Li-sulfur or zinc-air have inadequate energy density and/or cycle life. We aim to deliver lithium-ion cells with specific energies of 600 Wh/kg that achieve the requisite power, life, safety, and cost to enable mass EV adoption.

Scientific Applications & Research Associates (SARA), Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Abundant Pollution-free Electrical Generation (APEG)
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The technology promises to generate electricity from coal while emitting zero pollution and capturing 100% of the CO2 emissions. The resulting cost of energy is expected to be competitive with today's coal combustion plants.

Seeo, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Solid-state Electrolyte Lithium-ion Batteries
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Seeo's core technology innovation is its electrolyte: it is entirely solid state, with no flammable or volatile components. Seeo's proprietary electrolytes provide a platform for safe long-term cycling of high energy electrode couples, and utilize conventional materials and polymer processing techniques to significantly reduce Li-ion manufacturing costs.

Sheetak, Inc.

Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:NEAT coolers can attain cooling efficiency surpassing that of current compressor-based refrigeration systems by exploiting nonequilibrium transport effects and electron tunneling structures. The NEAT cooling engines are light and reliable without moving parts or polluting fluids. The NEAT power generators can be used in solar and energy recovery applications.

SiWire Solar, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Wire-Array Solar Cells
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Wire-array solar cells combine the high efficiency (>18%) of crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cells with the flexibility of plastic. This combination will allow SiWire to offer ultrahigh specific power density solar cells. Additionally, wire-array solar cells will offer a cost structure competitive with thin-film solar cells (<$0.60/Wp).

Stanford University

Primary Industry (other):and behavior
Title / Name of Technology:Sensors, Feedback, and Information Technology
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Web-based and interpersonal behavior change programs that incorporate electricy information from sensors and smart meters: including games, competitions, online goal setting and savings tips, community programs such as Girl Scout trooops and visualizations of feedback that use behavioral principles previously demonstrated to change behavior. Outcome focus is energy reduction in residences.

Sun Catalytix Corporation

Primary Industry (other):Electrofuels
Title / Name of Technology:Affordable Energy From Sunlight and Water
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Sun Catalytix is focused on using newly-discovered low-cost catalytic materials to enable generation of affordable renewable fuel from sunlight and water. The company’s technology builds on breakthrough water-splitting discovery work from the lab of Professor Daniel Nocera at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The company’s ARPA-E program is continuing the advancement of our catalytic technology in two directions in parallel, in electrolysis cells and in photoelectrochemical cells.

Sustainable Energy Solutions, LLC

Title / Name of Technology:Cryogenic Carbon Capture
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Cryogenic Carbon Capture (CCC) is a bolt-on technology that removes CO2 from flue gas by desublimating pure CO2 at half the cost and energy penalty of leading technologies. Secondary advantages include, pollutant removal, water recovery and other plant integration advantages.

Tour Engine, Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:TourEngine: an Ultra-efficient Internal Combustion Engine
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:In the patented TourEngine™ opposed-cylinder split-cycle engine design, the cold strokes (Intake/Compression) occur in a low temperature cylinder while the hot strokes (Combustion/Exhaust) occur in a larger, high temperature cylinder. Simulations predict a 50% efficiency increase with reductions in CO2 and NOx. A running prototype proves design feasibility.

Transonic Combustion Inc.

Title / Name of Technology:Transonic Combustion
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:The Transonic Combustion combustion process for gasoline internal combustion engines is based on the direct injection of fuel into the cylinder as a supercritical fluid. Supercritical fuel injection results in high rates of heat release and high cycle efficiency. Engine testing has confirmed fuel consumption reductions of 20%

Uni-Control, LLC

Title / Name of Technology:Biological Water Gas Shift Process for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Stations.
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Gasification emits carbon monoxide and hydrogen along with trace elements of contamination. We use a biological process to convert carbon monoxide to hydrogen with no flue-gas treatment. With a combination of existing technologies we can practically eliminate carbon dioxide emissions and reduce IGCC capital and operational costs.

United Technologies Research Center

Title / Name of Technology:Water-based HVAC System
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:United Technologies Research Center is developing a 1-ton capacity air conditioning system, with a COP>4, that uses water as the refrigerant. Water is a natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential (GWP). UTRC will utilize a novel type of supersonic compression that enables high-compression ratios in a single stage.

United Technologies Research Center

Title / Name of Technology:Transformative Electrochemical Flow Storage System (TEFSS)
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:UTRC will develop a flow-battery system that uses a novel cell design to deliver 10X higher power density than current state-of-the art flow batteries. This breakthrough will enable a dramatic reduction in the size and cost of the cell-stack, which is the most expensive component of flow-battery systems.

University of California, Los Angeles

Title / Name of Technology:Electro-Autotrophic Synthesis of Higher Alcohols
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Current technologies using biological photosynthesis to convert sunlight to liquid transportation fuels are relatively inefficient. Conversely, man-made solar cells are more efficient in energy conversion, but the electricity generated presents a storage problem. This project will develop microorganisms using synthetic biology and metabolic engineering to derive energy from electricity instead of light for CO2 fixation and fuel synthesis.

University of Central Florida

Title / Name of Technology:A Novel Sodium Copper Battery for Power Systems
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:This novel approach constitutes an important technological frontier and has great transformational potential for large scale energy storage development. The new battery is especially suited to the energy storage to tens of gigawatts of power and tens of gigawatts-hour of energy, the ultimate goal of the grid scale battery technology in which the absolute safety is required at unattended locations. This technology would have a “disruptive” effect on the grid scale energy storage sector by reducing the cost by five times, while increasing the safety significantly. It could be game changer for the energy storage sector.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Title / Name of Technology:Energy Storage in Arrays of Synthetic Atoms (ASAs)
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Capacitors fail at high energy densities because of arcing. The energy density at which this occurs is large if the size of the capacitor is small. ASAs are flash drives where each cell is a nano capacitor shaped like an atom. ASA energy densities surpass chemical batteries. ASAs charge quickly.

University of Maryland Energy Research Center

Title / Name of Technology:Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; A Transformational Energy Conversion Technology
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Our unique solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology has achieved record high power densities of ~2 W/cm2 at 650°C and sufficient power at lower temperatures to revolutionize transportation and personal power applications. We have demonstrated ability to operate on conventional fuels, in addition to hydrogen.

University of Massachusetts

Title / Name of Technology:Microbial Electrosynthesis
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Microbial electrosynthesis is an artificial form of photosynthesis in which microorganisms convert carbon dioxide and water to transportation fuels, or other desirable organic compounds, with solar-generated electricity as the energy source. Microbial electrosynthesis is much more efficient, and results in significantly less environmental degradation, than biomass-based energy processes.

University of Notre Dame

Primary Industry (other):Power electronics
Title / Name of Technology:Quilt Packaging: Ultrahigh Performance Chip-to-Chip Interconnect
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Notre Dame has developed a new method of interconnecting integrated circuits along their edges. This leads to wider bandwidth and less cost, size, weight and power.

University of Southern California

Title / Name of Technology:Transient Plasma Ignition
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Transient plasma ignition is based on non-equilibrium plasma. The plasma is produced by using high-voltage pulses of less than 100 ns duration. The energy transfer efficiency is high and significant energy goes into creating highly energetic species instead of thermal heating. Transient plasma ignition has consistently demonstrated reductions in ignition delay and enhanced lean-burn capability, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced emissions from internal combustion engines.

Virginia Tech

Primary Industry (other):power electronics
Title / Name of Technology:Power Supplies on a Chip
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:This project aims to develop a proof-of-concept prototype power supply on chip (PSOC) using GaN devices operating at 5-10MHz. The target is to achieve a power density greater than 1000W/in3 with 88% efficiency. The proposed three-dimensional PSOC will be constructed using IR’s GaN devices and Si gate driver IC’s assembled on top of a 1 mm magnetic substrate using a high frequency soft magnetic FeNC flake nanocomposite (FeNc). Such a level of integration has never been attempted with a current greater than 5A. The proposed prototypes will extend the current to 20 - 40A at 12V input voltage, targeting such applications as computer, mobile electronics, and telecommunication.

Vorbeck Materials Corp.

Title / Name of Technology:Vor-x Graphene for Battery Applications
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Graphene, a two-dimensional sheet of carbon, has unique mechanical and electrical properties offering advantages as a conductive additive for battery electrodes. Vorbeck is the leading producer of graphene (tradename: Vor-x), operating a multi-ton scale plant, and is currently the only company with EPA approval for commercial sale of graphene-based products.

Xergy Incorporated

Title / Name of Technology:Kuel-cellTM Refrigeration Technology
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:New class of refrigeration compressor, leveraging electrochemical (fuel-cell) technology. Utilizes non-GHG/non-CFC working fluids, is motor-less, scalable, modular and noiseless. Technologically transformational and industrially disruptive. Theoretical COP is >9 (ie. 2x to 3x electro-mechanical efficiencies). Such devices could be deployed in: electronics, buidling/automative AC, refrigerators

Xylofuel, LLC

Title / Name of Technology:Microorganisms to Convert Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide to Hydrocarbons
Development Status:Prototype
Brief Description of Technology:Xylofuel has developed a process to select and use microorganisms for conversion of biomass or gases to desired products. For example, isolated microorganisms produce 1-butanol or hydrocarbons similar to components of gasoline directly from hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

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