ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2010
Harry Cordatos

Harry Cordatos

Project Manager, United Technologies Research Center

Dr. Harry Cordatos has a M.S. and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and over thirteen years of industrial experience in R&D.  Dr. Cordatos’ PhD thesis was in surface science and catalysis by noble metals and his industrial experience is in development of thin polymeric films and coatings, particularly for membrane applications.  In his most recent role as project leader for UTRC’s Fuel Stabilization Unit, he has responsibility for leading a multidisciplinary team focused on the development of fuel de-oxygenation membrane technology as the key component for the fuel stabilization unit, to enable fuel cooled turbine cooling air and other extended fuel heat sink cooling applications that will lead to system-level benefits such as reduced fuel burn, extension in turbine life, thrust growth, and other enhanced mission capability and performance benefits for military and commercial aircraft.  He has overseen all aspects of membrane technology development, with emphasis on maximizing performance while maintaining zero defect tolerance as required for aircraft applications.  He is also the Program Manager for an Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) funded contract, titled, "Materials Development for Third Generation Polymer-Based Membrane for On-Board Fuel Stabilization Unit"; under this contract, Dr. Cordatos and his team are developing a third generation non-planar membrane for maximum performance at minimum device weight for future advanced military applications.  Dr. Cordatos has also contributed to the development of direct-contact membrane distillation for water purification and to the development of thin polymer films for corrosion protection.  Prior to joining UTC, Dr. Cordatos was involved in R&D of polymer-based films and coatings for advanced packaging applications and served twice as the Technical Program Chair, Polymers, Laminations & Coatings for TAPPI (Technical Association Pulp & Paper Industry).  Dr. Cordatos has five publications; and four issued and seven pending patents.

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