Kate Brown

Kate Brown

Partnership Coordinator
Global Island Partnership

A passion for islands and island people are the reasons that Kate Brown loves her job. It provides the opportunity to combine this passion with helping islands to address some of the great challenges they face.

She spent eight years working on island issues at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme in Apia, Samoa prior to joining GLISPA in Washington DC in 2009. She also worked in Western Australia on promoting sustainable farming systems in agriculture with the West Australian Government particularly with wool growers.

Kate now leads the GLISPA Coordination Unit based in the office of Rare, a GLISPA participant, based in Washington DC. The main focus of her work with GLISPA is to raise attention of island issues globally, facilitate the sharing of experiences between island countries and countries with islands, to support island leadership and commitment by facilitating both technical and financial resources to help islands meet their goals and to enable GLISPA members to work together to advance island conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

In her personal life, Kate is Maori (Ngai te rangi) from New Zealand and has a Samoan husband and four children who she wants to make sure understand the issues facing islands as well as being connected to the amazing feat their Polynesian ancestors undertook to settle in the South Pacific.