Yoshiro Ohsuga

Yoshiro Ohsuga

Vice Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture

Mr. Yoshiro Ohsuga has been serving as the Vice Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan since April 19, 2012. Prior to this appointment, he devoted 38 years to government and public service.

From 2010 to 2012, Vice Governor Ohsuga served as the Director of Strategic Planning and Public Relations Department of the Shizuoka Prefectural Government, where he designed the prefectural Comprehensive Plan. This plan adopted new and ambitious targets to deploy renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve the prefecture’s vision of a low-carbon and environmentally friendly society. The March 11 Fukushima nuclear accident reinforced the need to rapidly deploy renewables, and Vice Governor Ohsuga advocated the aggressive use of the prefecture’s abundant solar, wind, and hydro resources.

Vice Governor Ohsuga left a lasting legacy in the prefecture’s health and welfare realm. From 1999 to 2003, he worked to establish the prefecture’s first world-class cancer hospital, the Shizuoka Cancer Center in 2002. From 2003 to 2008, Vice Governor Ohsuga headed the “Pharma Valley Project,” which combined cutting edge research capabilities of the Shizuoka Cancer Center and the National Institute of Genetics with leading pharmaceutical and high-tech medical device manufacturers. Shizuoka now leads the nation in terms of production value of medical products.

From 2008 to 2009, Vice Governor Ohsuga served as the Director of the Welfare Department, where he was responsible for the prefecture’s medical response to the 2009 super-flu outbreak and disseminated timely information on preventative measures to dispel public anxiety and stop further contagion.

He earned his undergraduate degree from Keio University.