Clive  Neeson

Clive Neeson

Cinematographer, Director
Last Paradise

Cinematographer Clive Neeson grew up on safari in East Africa as his parents filmed wild animals during the 1950's. In NZ and Australia, he joined a group of young mavericks who would become the pioneers of today's extreme sports. Clive studied atomic physics and electronics under renowned physicist and disciple of Ernest Rutherford, Professor Bruce Liley graduating with Masters degree. He worked internationally in energy development and technology innovation including the first climate monitoring systems.

Living a double life between extreme sports madmen and the conservative scientific community, Clive filmed the journey from experimental beginnings, building his own filming accessories to get a closer perspective of action sports and the unique beauty of extreme New Zealand and Australia.

In 2007, Clive had the unique opportunity to digitally master 45 years of film footage in high quality at Peter Jackson's Park Road Post, Wellington and to create "Last Paradise" film.

The project also draws from his grounding in physics, technology and project management.

Clive also acted as consultant to remote Pacific islands such as Fiji on technical issues of power generation and control.