OTEC 20kW Turbine Development and Modification for Higher Temperature Application

Sangjo Han
Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea

Keywords: OTEC, Turbine, Ocean, Energy, ORC

In Ocean, 20‚ĄÉtemperature difference always exits between deep sea water and surface sea water. Based on thermodynamics, energy can be produced from the temperature difference. However, temperature difference is relatively small compared with that of traditional steam turbines. It is difficult to apply steam turbine technology for this small temperature difference. To use small temperature difference to make energy, proper working fluid with high saturation pressure at low temperature and optimized turbine design for the working fluid are matched properly. The deep ocean is not only heat source available so that authors evaluate the performance of the designed turbine system for other heat source which is slightly higher than the design temperature difference of the turbine. The present study forces on the turbine for 20kW OTEC system with the real gas property. It includes the determination of working fluids, meridional design, turbine layout, 3D CFD. Through the research, one stage radial type turbine with R32 as working fluid is successfully developed and is under performance evaluation.

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