Computational analysis on multiphase flow in a vortex separator as intake device for sea water

Sungsu Lee, Hyun Ah Son, Albert S. Kim, Hyun J Kim
Chungbuk National University, Korea

Keywords: Vortex Separator, Multiphase, Particulate

Recent interest in utilization of sea water for new form of energy requires efficient intake system which filters off impurities out of sea water. A representative device for the purpose is the vortex separator which has been often applied in the system of waste water treatment. This study computationally modeled the stratification of solid particles in the rotating flow inside a vortex separator by particulate flow being injected into the domain. During the rotation initiated by the tangential momentum, the hydrodynamic force stratifies the particulate flow and interact with gravitational force as well as friction, which make the flow instable and complex. This study includes parametric investigation by varying the density of the particulate in the flow and the size of the diameters of inlet and outlets. The results present the effectiveness of the stratification which corresponds to the vortex separation in many engineering practice. This work was financially supported by projects of the ”Development of Energy utilization technology with Deep Ocean Water”, KIOST of Korea.

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